The Flight of The Butterflies A Book by Lynne Moncrieff



That's Crafty's journals are a firm favourite of mine and when not making my own books then it will be a That's Crafty! journal I reach for and this is outwith D.T. commitments, this is when working on journals/artist books for my own pleasure/submission to Stampington publications.

When they released their Craftyboard journals well of course I was intrigued to play with them especially as I did have to wonder, would the Board be substantial enough to accept layers of media.  Of course, I should have known I had nothing to worry about!

In this journal/book, I decided to hold back on words and allow the beautiful Rice Paper butterflies to be the focal. With That's Crafty! Pearl Inks I formed the backgrounds and also used the inks for mark making.

I will be sharing a flick through video on my social media.


Extras: Sari Ribbon Scraps, Dried Leaves,Twig, Black Thread


The prep for all the pages (both sides), was an application of white Gesso, not worrying too much above precision.

Once dry, I laid the Craftyboard Journal panels before more, working on two at a time (left and right pages).  I would be working relatively quickly for this so I had the following beside me...

Mister Bottle of Water
Mister Bottle of Walnut Ink
Pearl Inks
Multi-Surface Paints
Slightly damp rag 
Soft Paintbrush

The same process was applied for all pages of the book only varying the application of the media.

Black Multi-Surface Paint and Pearl Paint were dropped onto both pages.

Water first applied followed by Walnut Ink.

The left side panel then placed on top of the right side panel, pressing down.

Lift upper panel away without causing any disturbance, laying it down at the left side again.

At this stage, continue to work quickly so that the media remains wet as more paint/ink/walnut ink and water is applied.  For the white areas, I used Multi-Surface Paint in White which I mixed with Fluid Medium.and in other areas simply diluted with water, picking it up with a paintbrush and dropping onto the panel. 

It's simply playtime! Nothing more than that :)

Here are a few panels which I would further work on but it gives you an idea of them while they were wet.  All I had in my mind was something that would be organic, flowing.  There are some lovely effects to be achieved but as with all the best things, never to be exactly repeated.

Here are another two panels at the stage where paint and ink applied and left panel laid onto right side panel and then removing.

White paint and Walnut Ink quickly applied. 

I found it quite enthralling to see the patterns appearing. 

All panels were laid flat to dry.

Other preparation for the journal was in the form of tearing out individual butterflies from the Rice Paper sheet.  I knew I wouldn't use all the butterflies but prefer to have them all to hand, providing a nice selection to choose from. 

Front Cover

A focal using one of the white/greyboard ATCoins features on the cover. I had some underpaper which I used to cover the ATCoin before embellishing.  

Onto scrap pieces of eco dyed paper, I applied Acrylic Liquid Wax to some pieces and once dry, I would then make marks with Pearl Inks and fine paintbrush or dip pen. Those scrappy pieces of marked papers are scattered throughout the book and also feature on the ATCoin on the cover onto which a butterfly was adhered.  A dried leaf and piece of twig also adorn the cover along with a piece of rice paper (scrap from the butterfly sheet) which I soaked with mix of Multi-Surface Black Paint and Pearl Ink in Black.

Pages 1 and 2

Circle cut from painted paper using the A4 Stencil Circles before layering butterfly and scrap Craftboard (from the holes in the binding), all layered to eco dyed paper coated with Acrylic Liquid Wax with marks made with Pearl Inks.

Butterfly resting on dried leaf with marks made on paper with the beautiful Bronze and Copper Pearl Inks.

Pages 3 and 4

More stencilled and cut out circles layered with scrap of recycled paper wiped with Gesso and sprayed with Walnut Ink.

Acrylic Liquid Wax is beautiful to use on scrap pieces of paper, it brings them to life and brings contrast when resting beside papers that haven't been coated.

Pages 5 and 6

I was drawn to this Rice Paper sheet for the various sizes of butterflies and also, although coloured butterflies are pretty, I have to say I was smitten by the neutral tones on this sheet.

On the facing page, the wing of a butterfly peeks from behind the circle.

Pages 7 and 8

For this page, torn butterflies layered to a dried leaf.  Again, waste from the holes of the journal are used as detail on the page.

For the facing page, another torn butterfly rests.

Pages 9 and 10

A stencilled and cut out circle with more marks.

The facing page, a wee butterfly lying on a dried leaf.

Pages 11 and 12 

Walnut Ink sprayed onto teabag paper and once dry, applying Acrylic Liquid Wax before stencilled and cut into a circle - using the Acrylic Liquid Wax with stained teabag paper is a favourite of mine.

I enjoyed tearing the butterflies in half, as I did with the one on the facing page.

Pages 13 and 14

The final spread in this book.  

The final page.

I didn't waste the edges from the Rice Paper sheet, saving all those pieces and simply spraying with Walnut Ink or leaving plain.

If you have stayed with the length of this post then Thank You because I appreciate it is a long blog post to be sharing!

Thanks for visiting.



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  1. This is so beautiful Lynne. Your process photos are so inspirational and love those gorgeous butterflies which stand out so well even with neutral on neutral shades.
    Fliss xx


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