Siren by Rachel Harries


 This is a piece with alternative endings you can choose whether or not to put it on the canvas, I started without the Canvas but then decided it needed it but you may well prefer the piece without it, the choice is yours.

I started with my porthole, a decent pair of scissors will cut through this, I cut through the central waste panel to create sides for my porthole that I could add decoration to.

I took the image I wanted to use and drew around it using the inside of the porthole, I cut the image out, if you are going to want to mount the image onto a canvas in the same way I did just be a little mindful where and how you cut mine was more good fortune than judgement.

at this point I didn't stick the image down as things are going to get messy, I put the image safely to one side while I prepare the base. I used the stamperia seashell mould and Thats Crafty greyboard cogs along with the bolt heads that come with the porthole, I also added some art stones and some beads I had, I used air dry clay with the mould and Im quite happy to stick that in position before it is totally dry as it gives some flexibility when adding pieces. I add a little sand texture paste here and there, I let this dry and then give a coat of black gesso.

Once this is all dry I get some Ayeeda mists and spray the piece drying between layers .

I then add some waxes in three or four different colours and adhere the picture to the centre.

to add to the canvas I used the remaining paper and adhered it to a canvas once the adhesive was dry I sanded the edges to give a nice finish, I then lined the piece up with the image and stuck it in place.

I hope you like this project please stay safe and keep creating.

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  1. I absolutely love this Rachel and no idea how I missed those porthole kits, so that's a purchase. Fantastic
    Amanda X

  2. An absolute stunner Rachel. The design and construction are so inventive and really love the piece on the canvas which looks amazing and just as if your siren belongs there.
    Fliss xx


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