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Ive used a greyboard kit from stamperia this week for my inspiration. If you like making 3D pieces then its really great fun.

I start by assembling the first layer and I raise these elements up by adding some of the waste from the greyboard behind them.

Now it doesn't look very special at this point but remember this is the first layer, I also assemble the centre elements and the outer casing separately and then give it all a coat of black gesso before sticking a second layer of elements onto the base.

I then add another coat of gesso to the bare greyboard I just added and when that's dry I add some wax.

You could always stop here but I wanted to take it just a little further and I popped my elements in my spraying box and used a selection of Ayeeda mists going from the lightest colour to the darkest.

I also add a few drops of Ayeeda Glitter Ink here and there, then I use some air dry clay to mould just the tentacles of the Stamperia Undersea Steampunk Mould which I add to the piece as I assemble it.

I gesso the tentacles with black gesso then paint with some Sparks paint before adding wax to them and some areas in the main piece I then assembled a mini upright and adhered the finished piece to the Upright adding a tag from the Arctic papers.

I hope you like this project, stay safe and see you next week.

Stamperia Greyboard Compass
Stamperia Arctic Antarctic Paper Pad
Stamperia Seaworld Mould
That's Crafty! Black Gesso
That's Crafty! Adhesive
Ayeeda Mists
Ayeeda Glitter Ink

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  1. This is absolutely stunning Rachel. So much gorgeous layered texture and detail and just love how those tentacles are creeping round the compass. A deep sea triumph.
    PS: Trying to get back to commenting again and mia due to family issues.
    Fliss xx


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