Strength A Journal Spread by Lynne Moncrieff



This week finds me continuing to work in the Studio Light Journal but this time working on the watercolour paper pages.

Once again I dipped into the pack of Mini Paper Dolls, after all there are just so many in one pack that it would be wasteful to not work with a few more of them. This doesn't mean I have turned my back on nature as a theme, it is just me having some playtime in this new journal with different supplies.



Tear piece away from right side page (safe it for using in the journal later). After randomly applying white Gesso to the spread, using a palette knife brings nice results, walnut ink crystals (or powder) was sprinkled in small areas before misting with water and allowing to drip and pool. Mop up excess with scraps of tea bag paper.

Stamp the arrow stamp from Textures Collection, once onto each page, changing the orientation of the arrow.

Simply select a Mini Paper Doll and layer to the walnut ink stained tea bag paper and piece torn from the Typed Ledger paper..

Stamp the word Strength (from The Language of Trees set) onto piece from Typed Ledger paper, layer above the paper doll.  

Add small detail to upper left corner with scraps of stained fabrics and button.

Select on of the Typed Ledger quotes, cutting into strips, adding to the right page with the stamped arrow pointing downwards to lead the eye to the quote.

Thank you for your visit.



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