Flower Journal Page by Helen Chilton


I wasn't going to use this page for the blog (hence not as many photos) but in the end it turned out okay so I thought I'd give it a go!
It started as one of my 'leftover' paint/paste/ paper pages. You can see I've scraped off some Titanium Paste through a circle stencil in the background. The two paper circles were just lying round and I thought the colours went well, so stuck them on! I do like picking out random pieces and putting them together.

The flowers are one of Melina's designs - I started off with just the one main set but then added the ones on the left to add balance. I also liked it going over the paper circle.

Colour in then with markers and paint. I've kept it loose and scribbly.

To anchor the stems, I doodled some grass at the bottom.

The text is from this little booklet.

Then splatter with white paint to add a bit of pizzazz - always works!

Hope you've enjoyed this journal page and see you next week!


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