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This week I returned to the Dina Wakley Chipboard Shapes Sprigs, a packet I have dipped into several times already.



Onto cotton rag or watercolour paper apply White Gesso with palette knife, not covering the complete surface. Once dry, apply small amount of Pearl Ink in Black, misting with water and allow to air dry before spraying Flat Matte Spray in Ochre. Just before this is dry, apply Interference Paint in Gold, I like to blend with fingers into the paper.  

Using the Pearl Ink, stain some paper scraps before machine stitching to the main panel and then adhering to the MDF Panel.
Taking one of the Sprigs, drops of the Flat Matte Spray were added, allowing to air dry before adding small areas of the Antique Gold Pearl Ink, allowing to settle for a while before misting the Sprig with water.  Adhere the Sprig to panel.

Onto scrap of painted cardstock stamp the Affirmation. I layered with a scrap of rusted fabric but any scrap that would co-ordinate with the colours of the panel would be suitable.

Three rusty washers were added for balance to the composition.

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