Pocket Watch Journal by Liz Wheeler


Happy Monday lovelies. 

Following on from last week's ATCoin project, I thought I'd use a couple more of the coins in a different way today and I've also managed to grab hold of the brand new Stamperia Ceramic Powder to try. 

I've come up with a tiny journal using That's Crafty! ATCoins as the covers, and a ceramic watch to adorn it. 

I started by drawing around two coins onto some calico from the Journal It Accessory Kit and cut a single piece to cover the front and back coins and to create a little spine. I glued the calico onto the coins with some That's Crafty! Multi Purpose Craft Adhesive.

To create the inner pages, I drew a straight line on some cartridge paper and drew around a spare coin, making sure the circles overlapped. I drew a set of 5 joined circles, and 4 joined circles, cut them out and folded both sets as a concertina. 

I glued the two sets together to create a continuous chain, then glued the first and last pages to the inside front and back of the coin covers.

To create my ceramic clock, I used Stamperia's Hortensia Mould and the new Stamperia Ceramic Powder. I watched the video available on That's Crafty! for how to use the ceramic powder. You add twice the amount of the mould shape into a pot then measure the correct amount of water to mix. For every 12.5g of powder you need to mix 10ml of water. Mix well and pour the mixture back into the mould. It should be cured and ready to paint in approximately 30 minutes. 

I used a sharp pokey tool to carefully trace around the clock front to remove excess clay to make sure it fitted to the front of my cover. I then used That's Crafty! Multi Surface Paints to create a patina effect. I started with Grey, then Teal, then Green and finally a dry brush of Antique Gold. I repeated this combination on the back cover over the calico. 

Before attaching the clock to the front of my journal, I wanted to decorate the inside front cover, so used one of the gorgeous ATCoin Stamp Set No 9 by Melina Dahl. I coloured the floral wreath with the same colours I used on my ceramic clock to tie it all together.

I finally glued my ceramic clock to the front cover with Pentart Heavy Body Gel.

I am a little bit in love with my Pocket Watch Journal and can't wait to finish decorating the rest of the pages. 

I hope you enjoyed and Happy Crafting!

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