A Little Bit Batty by Helen Chilton


Well, it is Hallowe'en!

I've mostly used up scraps this week - I wanted a quick make so I looked back at all the bits I'd saved from other projects and used some of the ready made paper for the background. 

I've gone back to the Steampunk Darlings and some of Amanda's paper on a whiteboard/greyboard panel.

Here I've gathered together all sorts of Craftyboard.

Add a little stamping.

Then layer it all up.

The copper wire is quite thick so I've flattened it a bit with a hammer.

This is a very easy make - I always save stamped scrap pieces, painted Craftyboard, embellishments, stencilled backgrounds etc. as you never know when they're going to come in handy.

Hope you enjoyed this project.


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