Drink me by Rachel Harries


Before I start I would like to clarify that I don't actually drink but my husband has very kindly managed to drink some miniatures for me so that I could have the little bottle to play with.

I start this project by popping a hat pin through the lid of a miniature bottle and adding a little adhesive to keep it in place.

I then added some greyboard and resin pieces to the bottle and a bit of Sand Texture Paste.

I had a play around with the tag and some other bits and pieces including bottle caps which I've now asked my family to collect for me should they have them. I don't stick anything at this point, this is purely planning so I have an idea of what's going where.

Once I know where everything is going I position my stencil on the tag and use the Sand Texture Paste with it.

I then adhere the pieces I had previously chosen. I also added some Art Balls and glass balls and Sand Texture Paste in places.

I then gave everything a coat of white gesso, I don't adhere the bottle to the tag until the end as this makes it easier to work with.

I then start adding layers of paint spraying a little water on each layer and drying in between layers, this is a similar technique to that used in the Daily Art Mixed Media Box, I start with Sepia, then Glossy Chocolate Brown, I then use some Glossy Aubergine and then Bronze.

I use some black paint and water spray, I then dry brush with a little white gesso to knock back some of the colour.

I use a little Bronze and Copper Patina Wax and I add a little more Aubergine Glossy Paint and spray with water I adhere the bottle to the tag this acts to hold the tag Upright so the piece can be free standing, I also tie a greyboard key I have decorated in the same way to the top of the tag.

There's my tag, I hope you enjoyed this project, stay safe, I'll be back next week with another one.

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  1. A truly stunning piece of artwork Rachel. Your altered bottle looks amazing and the way you've painted everything up is so gorgeous.
    Fliss xx


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