Steampunk Floral Tag by Fliss Goodwin


Hello! My steampunk side has come out to play this week as I decided to something rather different with one of my fanciful flowers and see if it would work on a glam industrial style tag. Read on to find out how it came about and there aren't process photos here as it was a go with the flow project. There are close-up photos though.

Step by Step

I created the background by dabbing on patches of blue and patina metallic multi surface paints with ocean. I misted the paints with water, swirled a bit with a brush, added more water and allowed the colours to run down the tag.

I next used the large cogs and gears stencil with metallic bronze multi surface paint to add a pattern at the top and in the bottom left corner of the painted tag. I then rubbed the same paint around the edges of the tag and around the hole at the top, applying the paint quite thickly in places. I gave it a blast with my heat gun to make the paint bubble and add texture.

I made a piece of painted paper to stamp my chosen flower on, using a piece of mixed media paper dribbled with watered down chestnut brown and metallic bronze paints. I stamped on 2 whole flowers and 2 central areas with Archival Potting Soil ink and cut the images out.

I took a selection of greyboard cogs and painted these by dabbing on metallic blue, bronze, patina and purple multi surface paints together with a little chestnut brown.

I found a silver metal filigree butterfly lurking in my stash and toned this with the tag by painting with the same multi surface paints. I also altered a Tim Holtz quote chip with turquoise and antique gold paints, dabbing on with my fingers to create a sort of marbled effect.

I assembled my flower with 3D glue, rubbing antique gold and copper metallic paints around the edges to remove the white of the mixed media paper and glued a metal flower in the centre.

I glued all my embellishments in place, adding a metal corner and some more filigree metal floral shapes to finish off my steampunk glam look.


That's Crafty! Clear Stamp Set - Fanciful Flowers Set 1
That's Crafty! Surfaces - White/Greyboard Size 10 Tag
That's Crafty! 8 x 8 Stencil - TC8022 Cogs and Gears
That's Crafty! Bits and Pieces Greyboard Sheets - Large Cogs, Small Cogs
That's Crafty! Multi Surface Paints - Metallic Blue, Metallic Bronze, Metallic Patina, Metallic Purple, Chestnut Brown, Ocean
That's Crafty! Metallic Paints - Antique Gold, Copper
That's Crafty! Shimmer Paint - Turquoise
Tim Holtz Quote Chips
Extras - Filigree Metal Corner, Butterfly and Flowers

I hope you enjoyed my little steampunk play and that it might encourage anyone who thinks it usually too industrial to have a go for, as you see, it can be a bit glam too!

Have a great weekend and see you next week.

Fliss x

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  1. Absolutely gorgeous steampunk tag ๐Ÿ˜

  2. What a fabulous tag! Kisses!!!!!!!

  3. This is beautiful Fliss, I think I may have to dip my toe (not literally) into the metallic paints 'cos they look gorgeous here! xx

  4. Love those colours, your layered paper flower with extra embellishments. A very pretty take on steampunk Fliss. Gorgeous.
    Hugs Tracey xx

  5. LOVE it Fliss, and oh your flower is so beautiful, - I`m sure you know that those tones, are just me, lol.
    Also the background with steampunk bits and the filigree corner is gorgeous, on the blue tag, all gorgeous.
    Hugs, Dorthe- xxx

  6. Looks lovely adding the steampunk twist
    Amanda x

  7. Love your tag Fliss, the layered flower really is a stunner
    Donna xx


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