Hippy Chic by Helen Chilton


Definite hippy vibe here! I'm using some of Just Lou's Mindful Moodling stamps to create a brightly coloured tag.

I stamped the diamonds all over the tag - they fit really well. I misstamped one but figured it wouldn't show by the time I'd coloured them all in.

Then I used the Distress pencils to colour them in - they work really well on the white board. 

You can colour in each separate bit of the pattern, or colour larger areas over the top.

Try pulling one colour out with another, or adding water to blend.

I thought the Seedless Preserves was too dark, so lightened it with water.

After that it was a case of adding definition to the patterns with different thickness black lines and highlights in white with Posca pens.

To finish I stencilled the word 'ATTITUDE' (seemed apt!) in Black Texture Paste.

And there you have it - a multicoloured, in your face tag! Although I've emphasized the black outlines, the stamps themselves give a fine, almost delicate black line which I liked.  

Hope you've enjoyed this project.


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