A Romantic Christmas by Liz Wheeler


Happy Monday That's Crafty! Creatives. 

For today's project I wanted to make a start on my Christmas decorations so went to one of my favourite Stamperia moulds - the A4 Romantic Christmas Balls. Paired with Pentart Waxes they make a beautiful handmade decoration. 

I started by making 6 hearts with the mould and Creative Paperclay. Whilst still soft I paired the 6 hearts to create three 3d hearts, gently pushing the soft clay into shape so that the two halves matched. 

I painted the front of all the hearts with That's Crafty! Black Gesso and part of the back to hide any of the white clay showing through, once the hearts were stuck together. 

Once dry, I used a soft brush and painted 4 of the hearts with Pentart Wax Paste Metallic Yellow and two with Turquoise. Then on the yellow hearts I brushed some That's Crafty! Multi Surface Paint in Christmas Red over the raised pattern, and over the turquoise hearts I brushed over That's Crafty! Multi Surface Paint in Metallic Copper.

From my stash I found some tassels to match and glued them in between the pairs of hearts with That's Crafty! Multi Purpose Glue. To seal the hearts and to add decoration, I glued some sparkle thread around the 3d hearts and carefully tied matching thread through the eye of the hearts. To add a finishing touch of sparkle I added some Pentart Ice Crystal Paste over the front of the hearts. 

A really quick but effective project, and one you can do in all sorts of colours to match your Christmas decor. They also make beautiful gifts!

Happy Crafting!

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  1. they would make great dangle spine embelishments in a journal too. Love them Liz x mo


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