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This week I have a mixed media piece of home decor to share which has a lot of layers but the end result was a complete surprise and totally worth the waiting for areas to dry.

Step by Step:

You might want a cuppa before starting to read the how to but I promise it's easier than it looks to achieve a very realistic moss covered wood effect.

My chosen substrate for this is an MDF driftwood panel and my first step was to add a bark texture using a stencil with texture paste. I did the top and bottom sections first and let them dry before doing the central section.

I then added some texture paste at each end of the sections and drew a rough bark pattern in the paste with a paintbrush handle. I added some sand texture paste on the ends and a little in between the bark pattern made with texture paste.

My next step was to paint the entire surface with Sandstone Multi Surface Paint. When it was dry I painted on a fairly thin layer of Crackle Glaze.

Once the Crackle Glaze became tacky (about 30 minutes), I brushed Chestnut Brown Multi Surface Paint gently over the top. Once dry, it left an amazing amount of crackle.

I then added my moss effect which I achieved by mixing Evergreen and Green paint into Sand Texture Paste which I applied with a palette knife and my fingers, scraping it over the surface. As it dried, I layered more over the top to end up with a mossy look.

The colour wasn't quite right so I dry brushed the areas with Lime Multi Surface Paint.

I then stamped my bunny together with some leaves and toadstools - the bunny was stamped on smooth white card and the leaves and toadstools on ink spray overflow paper. The images are all from the gorgeous Autumn collections designed by Melina Dahl. I cut the images out ready for assembly.

I worked out the placement first, concentrating on the lower area as I didn't want to cover up the bark areas too much. I glued the elements in place once I was happy with the effect and made the bunny 3D by gluing a couple of leftover MDF scraps on the back.


Have a great weekend and see you next week.
Fliss x

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  1. Wow Fliss a fantastic transformation, you are awesome for sharing this xx

    1. Thank you so much for your much appreciated kind words Annie xxx


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