To Wander A Wee Book by Lynne Moncrieff



This book came about in a simple way, when tidying some That's Crafty! supplies and coming across ATCS, it suddenly entered my thoughts to make a book using the ATCs as the covers. 



An ATC was used to mark the height on the A4 paper before tearing the length horizontally, repeating to provide two equal lengths. The ATC was used to mark the first fold on the paper and continuing to create folds along the two lengths. The lengths were overlapped on the fourth fold.

Lightly misting the paper with water, small drops of the Pearl Inks and Walnut Ink Powder were applied ensuring lots of white space remained.  Once dry, this step repeated on the rear side. Any extra paper, prepare with the Pearl Inks, they will be used for stamping onto.

Turning attention to the ATCs, use the Pearl Inks and Walnut Ink Powder to create an organic, fluid effect. Leave to air dry flat. When dry, flip over and paint the rear with the Black paint and when this is dry, adhere the ends of the folded paper to the painted black sides of the ATCs.

Select four of the Dried Botanicals stamps, stamping with Jet Black ink onto the smaller prepared pieces of paper.  

Four words were also stamped.  

With scraps of fabric including muslin stained with walnut ink, the images and words adhered to each panel of the concertina. 

Paint the Craftyboard circle with Bronze Pearl Ink, allowing to dry before stamping one of the Dried Botanical stamps and layering a piece of Mica Tile to the circle.

The text stamped onto stained cardstock scrap and layered with a fragment of walnut ink stained muslin. 

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