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This weeks post is inspired by the "Alchemy" collection from Stamperia.
I've started off with one of the fabulous That's Crafty! Uprights and a piece of paper from the 12 x 12 Alchemy paper pad. I drew around the pieces and roughly cut out once adhered I use a sanding block just to tidy up the edges.

I cast a few moulds from Alchemy NumbersAlchemy SymbolsAlchemy Tags and Alchemy Writings.
I cast a few moulds as I'm not entirely sure which elements I want to use so I like to cover my bases and go with whatever I like the look of. I often do this and its a great way of making sure I have elements ready for another project. For this project I've used Air Dry Clay I also adhered the Alchemy Cards Rice Paper to some cardstock and cut out the cards individually and I couldn't resist the sun element from the Alchemy Decorative Chips, Sun and Moon. I gave the casts a good coat of White Gesso.

I then started to apply some layers of colour using Allegro Cookie Acrylic and Allegro Orange Paint.

I then added Pentart Antiquing Gel in firstly Blue Patina and once that had dried a little Umber.

I then finished these pieces off with a little wax. I made some paper flowers, cut my focal image from the papers and also some of the number elements, with the addition of some gauze and some Sisal I then played with the positioning of the elements and found where I liked them and adhered them to the upright to finish off I splattered a little white paint here and there and a couple of twigs.

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