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I've been able to indulge my love of cats this week and be prepared to see a few more over the upcoming weeks as I have discovered the Stamperia Orchids and Cats Mould so there'll be no stopping me from popping the odd feline in to most things. I've used Stamperia Soft Air Dry Clay this week in my moulds. It has a different texture to the air dry clay I have used before and I've found that with a little patience the results are excellent and really crisp. The trick is to leave it alone, I put it in my moulds and leave it for a good portion of the day around six hours then I tap them gently out of the moulds and leave them until the following day when they are thoroughly dry, This clay doesn't have the elasticity of other air dry clays which means it is quite delicate until it is dry, the advantage of having less elasticity is that it gives crisper results so I have to say I'm a bit of a convert although if I wanted to handle a clay mould immediately I would use a different type of air dry clay. 

I cast the Stamperia moulds Orchids and Cats along with Romantic Christmas Balls and Winter Tales Garland.

I also used one of the new and rather fabulous That's Crafty! Shadow Tags they are honestly absolutely brilliant I've already brought more as I think they are going to be so handy for all kinds of projects.

The next step is to use black gesso on my mould casts  and assemble my shadow tag which I paint with white gesso.

I then cut out some elements from Stamperia Pink Christmas Collectables and also Pink Christmas 12x12 Pad I also used some paper from this pad to line my box.

I took some time to paint my elements with That's Crafty! Multi Surface Paint and I also added Pentart Glossy Varnish to my baubles to give a shiny finish. I made myself a few paper flowers to match the arrangement, they aren't completely necessary but I just wanted to pop a couple in. I also used Sisal which I love putting in my projects, a little goes a really long way.

Last but not least I added some That's Crafty! Holographic Fine Texture Paste to give a frosty snowy look and some gold thread through my baubles.

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