Pop-Up Alice by Rachel Harries



I've used the beautiful Stamperia Through The Looking Glass Pad to create this Pop-up. You might want to be a little mindful as you are cutting the main structure pieces and it could be that you want to cut pieces from different sheets to avoid cutting into a particular element. 

To start you will need to cut the following pieces, all pieces will be 8 and 1/4" wide.

One 6"

two 4"

three 2"

You will then need to score all the pieces across the 8 and 1/4" width at

2" 4" 6" 8"

this should leave you with a 1/4" tab on all pieces. If you mitre the tab then add a little adhesive and stick each piece around to create various square tubes.

Once you have your six square tubes (I have no better word I'm afraid) start by adhering the two 4" tall vertically to adjacent sides of the 6" tall one using adhesive on just one side.

For the three 2" pieces we need to poison them horizontally, if you fold the pieces you have already stuck down flat so that the two 4" pieces are both two panels wide and lying a panel wide of the 6" piece, the widest piece at the bottom. Take the 2" pieces horizontally and adhere one side only to the bottom left panel then the bottom right panel and then the panel adjacent to the bottom right, when you pop it out it should look like this.

I then cut out lots of elements from the cutting sheet in the pad.

I like to ink the edges of my pieces but it really is personal preference some people prefer not to, go with what you like. I then stick my pieces in places that work for me. the trick when making these pop ups is to fold them flat from time to time to make sure your elements are going to fit and still be able to fold flat also move your pop up around to see what it looks like from different angels so you can make sure there is always something of interest to look at. I'm not too worried about any unsightly backs as anything that I don't like the look of I can cover with the gorgeous playing cards from this paper pad which I just love.

And that's it once I'm certain it can fold down flat and I like how it looks I'm done, I hope you like this project please take me if you make it as I would love to see what you do.

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  1. WOW! That is some piece of work, must've taken you ages. It is so beautiful, I love Alice and this is an absolutely great homage to her.
    Well done and thank you for sharing.


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