The Golden Hours A Journel by Lynne Moncrieff



That's Crafty! Journals are a favourite of mine and I have a particular fondness for the 3 ins x 5 ins size. I think it is the way it can nestle in the hands, there is something quite lovely about that.  

Although a greyboard feather appears on the cover of this journal, I steered away from a nature theme, instead opting for the words of a quote stamp to flow through the journal which somehow to me also captured the essence of a feather floating in the air, of time simply slipping by.

Here is a link for all That's Crafty! journals, in a variety of shapes, sizes and surfaces. 


I happened to use underpaper which was covered with That's Crafty Multi-Surface Paint, Pearl Ink and Walnut ink, cutting to size and adhering to the Journal white/greyboard pages but it would be easy to apply the same media directly to the white/greyboard pages, using two panels to work as a mono print or utilizing a Gelli Plate.

I then looked through my stash of prepared papers and opted to work with papers and textiles which had been stained.  Now, this is why I love Walnut Ink crystals/powder - when I stain with either fruit teabags or black turtle beans, I will sometimes add a dash of the Walnut Ink crystals/powder to the pot.  If you prefer to stain with craft sprays, then I suggest you choose That's Crafty! Flat Matte Sprays in Blackberry, Blueberry along with the Walnut Ink Powder and simply have fun playing.

If you dip into my posts you will see a pattern where I gather elements and yet ultimately many will not appear on the completed project, I just like to have to hand, a variety of elements to select from.

Wanting words to flow through the journal, I studied various quote stamps from PaperArtsy, finally resting on one from EAB17, stamping onto various surfaces. I would use some pieces for layering, where the stamped words are subtle but also stamped the full quote so that I could cut into words tiles to flow through the book.

Returning to the journal pages, using stamps from Textures Collections. The Textures Collections stamps sets, of which there are a few, are brilliant for all projects but especially for backgrounds for journals.

Stamping directly onto the pages and 

stamping onto stained fabric.

For the cover, a large greyboard feather was prepared with a quick layer of white Gesso and then applying, to a craft mat, walnut ink and Black Pearl Ink, pressing the feather into this.  

The stamped words are from the quote stamp, stamping onto cardstock prepared with walnut ink and black Pearl Ink.

Here are photos of the pages.

Throughout, more stamping appears from the Textures Collections stamps, where I would partially ink the stamps, resulting in a grungy appearance.

The arrow was stamped directly onto the page and then for variation, changing the orientation of the arrow and stamping onto stained fabric.

The stamped Scribbled Words circle (stamped onto stained fabric) becomes a frame for the word Yes.

Deli paper, stained with walnut ink becomes a surface for stamping one of the Scribbled Words stamps. 

The word "we" rests upon a scrap piece of inky cardstock which was stencilled/cut using the A4 Stencil Circles.

One of the Textures Collection stamps had this grungy texture with dots which I used to stamp repeatedly.

The smallest square from Nature's Gatherings stamp set, stamped onto walnut ink stained cardstock to give collage detail to the words "slip by" .

The journal was simply bound with stained fabric although the journal is supplied with books rings. 
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  1. Beautiful details on your journal Lynne x From the painted/stained layers to the pretty ephemera and fabric pieces combined with Alison’s quote stamps…….. Love it 🥰💕


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