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This week I've repurposed a previous project that was getting a bit tatty so I started by stripping off my Upright from its previous life. This is one of the many things I love about "That's Crafty!'' substrates, they are such good quality that you can really get a lot of use out of them, I use all kinds of techniques on my projects and they take it absolutely no problem every time.

I then used a stencil and my favourite Sand Texture Paste.

Next I added just a few scraps of paper from Stamperia Alice through the Looking Glass 12 x 12 paper pad these were just little scraps that I had kept from a project and couldn't bear to through away as the papers are just too beautiful.

I know it doesn't look like much at this stage but this is just the foundation of the project next I added a little dry brushing of Allegro paint in a combination of Blue Aviation and Ivory, which are available both individually and as part of the Alice paint kit.

I then added a  little Pentart Lasur Gel which I apply and then wipe off before it has a chance to dry, if you are nervous about this just do a little area at a time. I know that "Lasur Gel" designed to be a wood stain but I really love the effect it gives me on my projects.

I then add a few touches of my favourite metallic of the moment That's Crafty! Multi Surface Antique Gold Paint I'm absolutely in love with this stuff, I must try the Antique Silver in the range at some point soon.

As a final touch I use my finger to apply just a little of the Allegro Cookie paint (again this is available in the Alice paint kit)

With my back drop complete I move on to my resin casts from the Stamperia Alice (King) Mould using resin, normally I use a black gesso as an undercoat but having seen a fellow team-mate using white gesso I thought I would try it for a change and see what I thought.

I painted my image using a selection of paints from the Alice paint kit and once it was dry I added the Lasur Gel and wiped it off as I found with the white undercoat the colours were to bright and well defined for me, I like a touch of murkiness, I can't help it.

I then cut some elements from the back of the front page of the paper pad and adhered using a clear plastic disposable cup to give dimension and added my Alice taking a break from all the chaos around her.

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