Adventures in the Sea of Japan by Gill Humphrey


This weeks make uses lots of products from the Sir Vagabond in Japan collection to make a diorama. For this make I started with the 11" square faux reverse canvas which I constructed using Multi Purpose Glue. I then lined the inside of the box with paper from 12 x12 Sir Vagabond in Japan however to make sure the boat is visible beneath the other components this needs to be cut so it fits the width of the box and then just above the top of the boat which means it will not reach the bottom of the box.

I then pushed Air Dry Clay into the Writings in Japan mould before lifting it out and then adhering strips to the frame. The areas between these were then filled with a layer of Fibre Paste. These were then set aside to dry whilst I made the rest of my pieces. 

I used the Dragon Mould to cast most of my focal images using Amazing Casting Resin and the Plates mould to create the fish and also a set of smaller waves by only partially filling the mould areas and then triming with a pair of scissors the overspill that I did not require. Once these were set I painted the  pieces using Allegro Paints

The waves were painted with a mix of the two blues followed by dry brushing over with the Indian Turquoise. The tops of the waves were painted with white and then I added some Arctic Ice Paste to enhance the watery feel.

The dragon was painted predominantly with the red paint before adding "splodges of the green and blue mixed together to the outer rim and also the bands that cross the body. Details were added to the face using ivory and finally I added gold wax to the surface (Pentart or Prima gold wax will work just as well).

The Samurai was painted in the same way adding corn for the sword and ivory for the face.

Having created all of my components I then placed them into my shadow box using cardboard pieces layered up to give stability to the dragon, and the second wave.

I then positioned but DID not attach the Samuari so that I knew where I needed to add art stones for additional texture (Gritty Bitz would also work) using Gel Medium. Once these were set in place I painted over with a mix of the Prussian Blue and Petroleum green used for the waves and then dry brushed over with Indian Turqouise and finally white. The Samuari was then secured in place along with the title highlighed with gold wax. I decided to help disguise the cardboard spacers to add some gauze with Arctic Ice added for extra sparkle.

I hope you like this piece and try your hand at making a piece of home decor to keep or maybe gift to a special friend.

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