Mirror Mirror by Rachel Harries



I've made another Alice piece with the beautiful Stamperia Alice collection. I cast some moulds Stamperia Alice "Drink Me" mould and a medium sized moon from Finnabair Moon and Stars mould using resin.

Once the resin has cured I paint with black gesso.

One of the pieces I'm using is one of the little plastic frames that crop up all over the place I gave this a coat of black resin too.
I put the pieces to one side to dry and then get my MDF Tag these come in various sizes but I've added the link to the size I've used.

I use some of the Alice through the Looking Glass 12x12 paper to cover the tag, in this pad there is a page with some frames on it I pick a couple of the frames and take some time to cut them out removing the centres.

I paint the resin elements and use some Antique Gold Multi Surface paint as well as the Stamperia Allegro paint Alice selection I found a glass cabochon to pop over my watch element, I could have also used a layer of UV Resin to create a glass front effect.

I add all the elements in a way which I find pleasing. Once I have everything in position and adhered I use a little Lasur Gel to add shadow to my composition.

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