Top Hat by Helen Chilton


I found myself looking at some empty tape spools this week and, Inspired by Rachel's Alice projects, decided to make a miniature top hat!

I can't bear to throw the empty spools away, so decided to make something with them this time!

I covered them with gessoed book paper that I had to hand - was thinking of leaving some of the text visible but it didn't work out like that.

The top piece of card was covered as well and then crumpled up a bit.

Place on a small Round and then the larger base is the inside of one of the embroidery hoops.

I painted it Black and then added touches of blue crayon on the crumpled bits. You could easily use paint for this, or gilding wax.

Then out come the Stamperia papers! I've cut out various figures and characters. The cat sits in a little slit I made in the top of the hat.

Hide the lack of tree trunk with some playing cards, add a trim to the hat and cover the base.

Then I hinged two little cards together with a glue dot...

...and started to build a card house for Alice to stand on so she can see the cat! All the characters have a hinge at the bottom so they can stand up.

I love 3D projects - working out what goes where, how to fix things in, adding all the little details.
Hope you've enjoyed this as much as I have!


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