Chess Box by Rachel Harries



This week I have been inspired by the Stamperia "Alice" collection. I started off casting my moulds with some Air Dry Clay, I used Alice Check-Mate and Alice King.

I then put together a That's Crafty! Shadow Box without sticking the smaller boxes in place yet 

I then cover all the surfaces with the beautiful Stamperia Alice Papers

I then use some of the blue paint from the Allegro Alice paint collection on the edges and crevices.

Once the blue paint has dried I use my finger to just rub a little That's Crafty! Antique Gold Multi Surface Paint on the edges and use a paint brush for the crevices.

I do this with all the boxes from the shadow box kit.

I stick the smaller boxes in a position I am happy with. I then cut a few paper elements out from the cutting sheet included with the paper pad.

I used a little Pentart UV Resin on the clock cut out.

I painted all the pieces I had cast from the moulds with That's Crafty! Black Gesso I then start to paint Alice  and adhere some Stamperia Rice Paper by ripping small pieces off and covering the dress area.

I finish off painting and rub a little of the That's Crafty! Antique Gold Multi Surface paint on some of the pieces. I then put my composition together.

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  1. Rachel this is absolutely beautiful! I love all things Alice, and am going to have to be brave and cut into my papers when they arrive. Thank you for the wonderful inspiration x

    1. Hi Vicky could you DM about your prize please ❤️

  2. Thank you so much for taking the time to leave a comment, I really appreciate it ❤️

  3. Oh I love what you've done here, I love Alice, and my Stepdaughter is feeling over chess at the moment, o shall have to see if I can do something inspired by your piece ❤️

    1. Thank you so much for taking the time to comment, the chess piece moulds are great fun I love how they’ve been incorporated in this Alice collection ❤️


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