Time Panel by Helen Chilton


I've made a little triptych this week, using some of Lynne's stamps and some Stamperia papers.

I've cut my panel from the front of the Stamperia Time is an Illusion 12x12 pad.
I also cut out some images that I might use.

Score folds so it can stand up.

Then I used Lynne's Dried Botanical stamps to stamp over the top in Sepia Brown.

Build them up.

I used a black pen to add a bit of definition to the largest flowers.

After that just look through the papers and pick out some small images that you like. The ones on the left and right are from the index page on the back. I've mounted it onto gold card and added text and embellishments.

A very easy project to make. The Stamperia papers are so beautiful and detailed it's difficult to cut into them, but I made myself!

Until next week!

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