Art, a Double Spine Journal by Gill Humphrey


The joy of having templates (Journal It 2) is that they are super versatile as I hope my previous few posts using them have shown. This one is a little more complicated but if I can do it so can you so please be brave and have a try as I am sure you will become addicted to creating these. Just think of the money you could save when creating your own albums just by adding a simple hinge mechanism to each side spine and adding pages for photographs. I have kept mine as a journal with a simple elastic binding as I used in the first journal I made..


To create the cover I used A3 300gsm cardstock. 

1. place the template along bottom left corner of the cardstock and draw along the straight edge for two notches and fill in that notch at the top and bottom

2. slide the edge of the template to line up with the notch and then draw along the top of the template and down the side.

3. now slide the area of the template with the two parallel lines that are close together and line up with the first notch you drew to the left of the piece of paper and score through the lines to create one spine area

4. then move the template along until the second of these score lines sits along the first of the cluster of three notches and score both lines to create your second spine area. Then cut out your piece of paper.


You now have a single piece of paper that will form the basis for your entire cover. You can now decorate your cover. I decided I would create a pocket for the inside of the larger flap and cut a piece of cardstock to fit, adhered it in place with glue along 3 sides and reinforced the join using Tyvek. I also added strips of Tyvek to the outside of the cover over the score lines for the spines.

I used papers from Summer Flowers and Green Mood papers creating pockets on the inside of the larger flap and placed a set of magnets in position before adding my papers - one is located on the front of the smaller flap under the area with the present in the photograph and the other on the inside pocket panel under the area with the heart.

I then created two signatures to go into the album using the page template, simply drawing round and scoring in the center. The card stock outers were then filled with cheap printer paper - of course the quality you use is up to you and you could add more cardstock pages if you wanted to - I would definitely recommend the later course if you are going to use your make as a photograph album rather than for making notes. The pages were then decorated with fussy cut paper elements and co-ordinating die cut chipboard pieces.

Here I have added a pocket template from Journal It Set 1 with stamped title from the Plan It Set and tucked in some paper pieces.

The inside of the second signature has a place to slip tags or notes created by drawing round the pocket from template set two and cutting out only the part shown before adhering along three sides.

The inside of the cover for the second signature has a pocket created with paper and another tag pocket made in the same way as the one on the front cover. 

Finally I added a complete closeable pocket using Template set 2 to the inside of the smaller flap.

This is the last in my series of 5 different Journal makes using Liz Wheeler's Templates, I do hope that you have found them helpful and that the blog posts will be a useful resource for the future.

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