Silence by Lynne Moncrieff



The Dina Wakley Sprig Chipboard Shapes are such a lovely size to work with that on this large MDF Tag, it became the focal of the tag.  



Cardstock was prepared with the Black, Grey and White Multi-Surface paints.  

Selecting a large MDF Tag, using the prepared cardstock to adhere to the tag.

For the Dina Wakley Spring, adding a wee touch of the Texture Paste and once dry applying Walnut Ink followed with the Pearl Inks.  

When I applied the texture paste I flipped the Spring over and pressed it down onto tissue paper to create a textural effect.

Bronze Pearl Ink was added to the background of the tag to tie in with the Sprig. 

Walnut Ink and Pearl Inks were also applied to a piece of muslin. First misting with water and then applying dots of Black  and then Bronze Pearl Inks and misting again with water, allowing to dry flat. 

This was used as a surface to stamp the word Silence from The Language of Trees set.

Another piece of the painted muslin was stitched to a strip of chiffon, to this the Sprig would be layered. 

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  1. Thank you for your description. You have made beautiful art. I have never worked with these mediums, so, at this point, I barely understand anything. I will try to learn how you do this.

  2. Thank you for this post, I love absolutely everything you create ��


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