Magical Mushrooms by Rachel Harries



I couldn't resist using the fabulous Pink Ink Forest Floor mould to create a spot of illumination. I really adore this mould and its become a firm favourite. I started off by casting the mould with Amazing Resin.

this sets very quickly and you need to make sure you have everything at hand before you get started as this resin waits for no-one. Another important point to note is that I keep a good eye on the resin once it had been poured as I wanted to shape it to go around the jar I had, once the resin is set I removed it from the mould and it had enough flexibility to gently mould it in place and adhere with either UV Resin or an appropriate adhesive.

I then give the resin pieces a coat of Black Gesso, I generally prefer to use black gesso under a lot of my painting as for me personally I find it more forgiving and I also like the depth it gives my painting, If I want my painting to look brighter and lighter I use white gesso, its one of those things that really is personal taste. once the gesso is dry I use That's Crafty! Multi Surface Paint in several colours and also several layers for these mushrooms I used four layers drying between each one, I've added the pictures so you can see the progress as I know a lot of people can get disheartened or put off by their first layer or two, but please keep going it really is worth it and my first layer or two always look terrible.

I then take a little Umber Antiquing Gel to add a little more definition and a little gold wax to add highlights.

I then took a sheet of ITD Collection Rice Paper and Rice Paper Glue and adhered it inside my jar with the pattern facing out.

I gave all the resin pieces a coat of Acrylic Wax.

I then took a little Ivory Paint and painted inside the jar.

I added a little moss to the outside of my jar and some twigs and Sisal along with some Fairy Lights.

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  1. Ooooo very perty. How stinky is the resin? I'd love to use resin, but I have asthma and sensitive sense of smell xx


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