Lady Hortensia takes to the Stage by Rachel Harries


This weeks post is a big project but she makes a lovely illumination.

I start by assembling the large That's Crafty! shadow box.


I use plenty of adhesive and set it to one side to dry, while its drying I used a few different moulds with air dry clay for my embellishments.

While these are drying I go back and paint my box, as this is a larger project, I'm painting the box before I add the embellishments, if it were small I would wait and paint it all in one go but for ease of handling I do it first.

I then arrange some packaging paper and my embellishments in a way that's pleasing to me, my head is from the die cuts pack but it could be any head you fancy, I don't stick the head down yet but its handy to just check positioning.

I also added some bits of lace and made sure everything is well adhered then I painted it all black as I couldn't find my gesso luckily the That's Crafty! Multi Surface Paint has a really lovely matte finish.

I then added some waxes to give depth, dimension and interest, followed by her head and some little battery powered lights.

I then chose some paper that I thought would work around the edges and cut it out to suit the box, I then adhered it in place.

I then took the fabric I wanted to use and smothered it in Mod Podge which is my fabric stiffener of choice , I then fashioned a draping curtain on each side of the box and left this to dry, Once dry I added the air dry clay pelmet and added a little wax to it and there it is.

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