There's not Mushroom by Rachel Harries



My inspiration this week comes from a beautiful new mould from "Pink Ink" called "Forest Floor"
I started by casting my moulds with Amazing Casting Resin. I work in very small amounts with this resin as it cures super fast and I am quite slow and clumsy so I need to make sure I have everything I am going to need to hand before I pour the resin components together. I am also using one of the rather brilliant MDF Shadow Tags. I give everything a coat of Black Gesso.

As you can see from the pictures I also punched a hole before I assembled the shadow tag to allow me to pop some Fairy Lights through. I then took a selection of That's Crafty! Pearl Inks and a toothbrush which is specifically used for my projects and splattered the ink in places.

I pulled the lights through the hole and put them in position.

I then used a selection of That's Crafty! Multi Surface Paints to paint my casts followed by a little Gold Wax.

I assemble my pieces with the addition of some moss, sisal and a little bit of gauze that I coloured with my Distress ink pads.

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