Mushrooms In The Forest An Art Journal Spread by Lynne Moncrieff



I recently shared a journal spread featuring the Katzelkraft Mushpignons stamp set.  Well I thought I would share another spread from that very same That's Crafty! art journal I was working in.


That's Crafty! Medium Walnut Ink Crystals (substitute with Powder


I always aim to stain batches of papers and textiles so when the time comes for working on a project, it is a good feeling knowing I have a box of prepared pieces to dip into. When working in an art journal, this is when those pieces, no matter how small, come into their own especially when I am trying to evoke a particular sense of place or emotion.

As with the previous spread, this spread started out with Pearl Inks and Walnut Ink applied to cardstock.  Pearl Inks are such a favourite when creating backgrounds, especially the effect when misting with water.  Onto this background, layering pieces of stained papers with a small shipping tag stained with walnut ink before stamping one of the Scribbled Words stamps with Jet Black ink.  On top of this bundle of layers, fussy cut stamped Mushpignons which was stamped onto cardstock stained with walnut ink.

With the layers, some of which are very scrappy, I was aiming to evoke the sense of walking through the forest, with the layers of leaves and nature's debris underfoot.  Peeking from the layers, the stamped words Tread gently, taken from The Language of Trees stamp set. 

On the facing page...

Often I will use the same stamp on a journal spread, partially stamping or stamping onto different surface, just really having a play.  This time the Mushpignon, stamped onto a walnut ink stained Craftyboard circle. 

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