'Five for Silver' ~ Colour Play with ATCoins ~ by Lotte Kristensen


Hey everyone!

'One for sorrow, Two for joy, Three for a girl, Four for a boy; Five for silver, Six for gold, Seven for a secret never to be told'.  If you do happen to see just the one magpie, as long as you say 'Hello Mr Magpie, how is your wife?', you won't have any bad luck!

Did you know that ATCoins are the exact same size as a Rich Tea biscuit??  And, before you worry, then no, I haven't bitten into one by mistake 😄  As if I wouldn't know the difference!!  But any-the-how, this week I decided to do some colour play - it's always fun to try out different combos and effects with different kinds of ink pads, and ATCoins are great because they're so quick to make, even if you put on lots and lots of layers, which I always like doing.  I've wanted to use the Merry Magpie stamp set for a while, and really like how different each coin looks, despite having almost the same images on all of them.  At first, I was going to use the That's Crafty! ATCoin Stamp set around the edge of the coin, but in the end decided to just use part of the stamp *at* the edges instead, embossing with the luscious Emerald Creek powders.  So, let's get started!

Materials Used:

Ranger Archival Ink Pads:
Chrome Yellow
Vibrant Fuchsia
Emeral Creek Embossing Powders:

Having first given the ATCoins a couple of coats of white gesso, once dry I stippled some Paradise Teal ink pad over the surface, before stamping with the Typographique stamp in Potting Soil and Sky Blue.  Next, I stamped the magpie, stars and patterned rectangles in Vibrant Fuchsia.  For all the magpies, to make the eyes stand out more, I stamped just the head part onto white cardstock with Versafine Onyx Black, cut out and glued on top.

Then used the TC! flower-spirally stamp and embossed with Patina Oxide:

Here, I stippled the surface with Chrome Yellow, and stamped the Typographique in Sky Blue, and part of the French Lily in Potting Soil.  A great way of using smaller parts of your stamp to add texture in small spaces, is to use the stamp off the block, and just pressing with your fingertip.  The magpie and rectangles were stamped in Onyx Black.

Then, the ATCoin clock stamp embossed in Aegean Sea:

On a background of Prickly Pear, the Typographique was stamped in Potting Soil, the French Lily in Garden Patina, the magpie and rectangles in Paradise Teal, and the stars in Vibrant Fuchsia.

I used the Lime embossing powder with the ATCoin seed head stamp, but it doesn't show up very well :(

Here, the coin was painted with Fresco Finish Mermaid acrylic paint, and the Carabelle Stamps were done in Oxide Distress Fossilized Amber, then finger stamped part of the Typographique stamp in Sky Blue, and the magpie and rectangles in Orange Blossom.  I really like how the thicker ink from the Oxide comes through the Archival, adding extra pattern:

Then edged with swirly edge ATCoin stamp in Ancient Amber EP:

Lastly, on a Garden Patina background, the Typographique was done in Orange Blossom, the French Lily in Vermillion, and the magpie and rectangles in Paradise Teal:

Then, part of the heart from the ATCoin stamp set in Aegean Sea EP:

Well, that's all from me for this week - I hope you feel inspired to have a go, don't forget to share your makes on the Facebook Group page, I would love to see what you do!  Until next week:)

Lotte x

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  1. These are all gorgeous Lotte. Love how you made all the coins so different with the same image. Wonderful layered detail.
    Fliss xx

  2. A wonderful series of ATCoins , Lotte. Each one has its own identity yet they all come together so well as a family .x


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