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Hey everyone!

My vigil by the letter box was finally rewarded when the long-awaited new embossing powders by Mr Apter arrived this week - who says I don't have an exciting life?!  The first time I saw embossing powders being used was back in the day when they came in gold or silver - that was it! - but I still remember the Ooooh!-factor when they melted and became all shiiiiiiiny…. and these days you can get so many different colours and textures, it should satisfy the magpie in all of us 😊  So of course I had to use some for this week's project, which uses another of my new favourites - the Chunkie!

Materials Used:

Old Door Key
Old Book Pages
Key Hole Embellishment from my stash
Tiny Tag Label

After assembling the Chunkie, I painted it with a couple of coats of white gesso, and when that was dry, attached a couple of strips of old book pages.  Then a thin coat of Fresco Finish in Mustard Pickle, and after that a thin coat of dry brushed Lake Wanaka Fresco Finish paint - let the different colours dry between each application. I wanted the Chunkie to look like an old door that has been painted loads of different colours over the years, with different ones showing through in places. I added some Archival Ink Coffee with a stippling brush to the corners and edges to further 'age' the surface.

Then it was time for some stamping: using the That's Crafty! Textures Stamp Set, I inked up the metal plate and rivets in Cornflower Blue, and stamped on three corners. On the fourth, I used the numbers stamp, again in Cornflower Blue. Because of the 'give' of the Chunkie and the book pages, the images don't stamp evenly, but I was happy with this grungy effect 😉

The images from the PaperArtsy Seth Apter set were stamped in Ranger Archival Coffee Ink Pad, with a ghostly shadow of Versafine Toffee ink. I also used some bubble wrap to add random dabs of Versafine Toffee ink - I do use this a lot, it's just brilliant for filling in little gaps!  The arrows from the TC! stamp set were also done in Ranger Archival Coffee. Don't forget to stamp around the edges of the Chunkie as well - the small circle stamp from the TC! Texture Stamp set was perfect for this.

Next, using the number stamp from the TC! set, I placed it in the middle of the Chunkie and put some light pencil marks around it. Then got the clear embossing ink pad and used the lines as a guide for applying ink directly, going a wee bit over the edges. Using the Aegean Sea embossing powder, I put on two layers, and by the third had the number stamp ready, inked up in Archival Coffee which I quickly stamped onto the surface - it didn't quite catch the whole image, but I liked the effect nevertheless:

You *could* do this little panel on a separate piece of cardstock if you want to catch the whole image, and glue it on top afterwards - it just depends on how grungy you like things.

Lastly, I painted the old key and key hole with a couple of coats of Lake Wanaka Fresco Finish - acrylic paint is great because it will coat almost any surface! - and when that was dry, dabbed on a few bits of Archival Coffee Ink to 'age' it.  Then stamped the tiny label and attached to the key, before supergluing everything onto the embossed surface and adding the small Holtz sticker, which also got a few dabs of Coffee ink.

Well, that's all for this week - and I've still got another Chunkie to play with!  I'm thinking of pairing it with something smaller, like the ATC Chunkie…… hmm, watch this space...

Wishing you all a good week 😃

Lotte x

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  1. Amazing Lotte, love the look of the key and key hole , wonderful chunkie !! :-) xo

  2. Lotte, your chunky is beautiful, I love the stamping and your use of the Baked Velvet, the colours look wonderful. x

  3. Fab Chunkie Lotte, I have yet to play with the baked velvets so great showcase
    Amanda x

  4. Wonderful layering Lotte and the colours and stamping are fabulous, such a great vintage look.
    Fliss xx

  5. Fabulous piece, Lotte. Love the fresh feel of the colour palette with the more grungy feel of the stamps and BT's. Contrasting yet complimenting . x

  6. Thank you all for your lovely comments, you're all just so nice and I do appreciate it :) <3

  7. Lotte, Love the texture and the colour on this Chunkie.


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