Monday, 30 September 2013

One Stencil - Three Faces by Deborah



I’m a big fan of Pam Carriker so am thrilled that That’s Crafty! sells a selection of her stencils. I chose her Journal Prompt: Face (a 4” x 4” stencil) as the framework for creating different faces. It’s useful if, like me, you’re not too good at getting the placement of the features in the right place when drawing faces (we have far more forehead than we think!).


I used beer mats for my faces because that’s what I had to hand but you could use anything that will take paint. I had already rubbed the Archival ink pads over the surface because I was planning to try some chalkboard effects which are so on trend right now but had never got round to it.




The background is Cobalt Archival ink but you could use paint. I drew through the stencil with a white watercolour pencil for placement and then used my finger to smoosh the Picket Fence paint over the face and neck area, extending into spiky hair. I patted the paint with paper towel and dabbed the excess around the face area.
Once that was dry I went over the hair with Blood Orange and replaced the stencil to redraw the features in black watercolour pencil. I used green watercolour pencil to shade the face, colouring the lips red and the eyes blue. I stamped the stars (without an acrylic block) in Watering Can and rubbed some green oil pastel round the edges of the coaster.



This was my first face and, to be honest, it didn’t turn out as I would like it – I rather messed up the features being heavy-handed with the black water colour pencil. The base was actually inked with Watering Can, although you wouldn’t know it once I’d gone over it with paint and pastel.
Once I had drawn through the stencil in black pencil and drawn in some hair, I coloured in the whole head with watered down Picket Fence Distress Paint so that the features still showed through. I went over the face with watered down Spun Sugar and various pencils and pastels.
The hair is an homage to Pam Carriker – she often paints what might be an elaborate bun or plait - or maybe roses - on one side of the face. I painted it with Irish Cream and when it was dry went over the top with watercolour pencils in various shades of brown.
I added Blood Orange paint and a yellowy-brown pastel to the background, then stamped the dots and flower heads (which are quite faint) in Grape Jelly. I went over the dots and the whites of her eyes with a Picket Fence Distress Marker.

Prince Charming


Pam Carriker often draws clowns with big round cheeks so I drew my prince in that style, using South Pacific paint through the stencil and for the hair. As the base of the beer mat was inked in Red Geranium I went over the face with the Picket Fence marker before colouring with oil pastels.


Sunday, 29 September 2013

Autumn Leaves by Lynne Moncrieff


Autumn is most definitely in the air and so I had to use Artistic Outpost’s Bluebird, in particular the collage of the boy along with a fabulous Prima Bark Butterfly and other rustic elements.


EcoGreen Crafts Acrylics:- Aged Gold, Bronze and Copper
Stencil – Leaves
7”x5” Canvas
Stencil Brush
Distress Inks:- Old Paper, Rusty Hinge and Tea Dye
Extras:- Linen style fabric recycled from a fabric box, burlap, fragment of rusted fabric, leaf motif from vintage doily, jute string, found paper, cotton fabric (recycled from curtain lining), corrugated cardboard and die-cut (kindly supplied by a friend)



Adhere linen style fabric from fabric box to canvas.

Armed with various EcoGreen Crafts Acrylics and stencil, apply the motifs to the panel. A stencil brush gives the best results. Lightly sponge Distress Inks onto panel.

In my stash I already had this panel of cotton fabric stained, you can stain with Distress Re-inkers for similar results. Stamp boy from Artistic Outpost Bluebird with VersaFine.  Adhere to cardstock for stability.


Re-ink the decorative border  and this time stamp onto found paper. Stamp the text stamp onto another piece of found paper. Re-ink and this time, stamp onto paper re-cycled from a cardboard box, stamping onto both sides. The reason I included this piece of paper, it caught my eye, curled up on my working area and I knew I had to use it … an insight into how I work! 

Apply various paints to corrugated cardboard. Adhere to canvas with burlap and scrap of rusted fabric. Thread jute string through button and adhere. Apply a flurry of Cosmic Shimmer Mica Flakes.


Create a collage with burlap, stamped elements, Prima bark butterfly with the addition of jute string, scrap of painted corrugated cardboard. Cut a leaf style motif from vintage doily. Layer this to the panel with the curl of stamped paper. Cut a leaf shape from scrap of prepared corrugated cardboard. Apply paint to leaf die-cut and adhere both inside the curl.

Until next week.




Saturday, 28 September 2013

Two for One by Paula Whittaker




     Distress Inks: Salty Ocean, Mowed Lawn
      Kaisercraft Clear Stamp – Lattice 
     Cut’n’Dry Foam

Some Bunny Loves You Card


·       Stamp a single bunny using the Memento ink and then the sentiment underneath this using the VersaFine ink.

·       Take the Lattice stamp but don’t mount it on to a block, just use it as is in your hand, ink with Mowed Lawn and dab randomly on the card till you’re happy with the effect you’ve achieved.

·       Go round the bunny with a green ProMarker and colour the hat too.

·       Use a piece of sequin waste and some Salty Ocean ink and randomly stencil some dots on the card.



Bunny Brooches



Distress Inks: Salty Ocean, Mowed Lawn
Felt: Blue, White, Green


·       Stamp the bunnies with black ink on to a piece of Transfer Artist Paper. Colour with Distress inks and ProMarkers. Roughly cut them out.

·       Following the instructions on the TAP packet; iron the bunnies on to some white felt. Cut out the bunnies and back on to some coloured felt, then trim round the bunnies leaving a border. Add a brooch pin on to the back.


Friday, 27 September 2013

Little Bird Bookmark Tags By Fliss Goodwin


Hello there, for my project this week, I have a duo of pretty tags which I made to add to my little heap of small gifts with Christmas in mind, intending them for some book loving relatives and friends. Just the thing to pop in a parcel with a book that you’ve bought as a present.


Here’s What You Need: 
Trellis Embossing Folder
Scraps of Pink Card


Here’s How To: 

Stamp the images on to manila cardstock (Ranger’s is fabulous) with the coffee ink and colour with your choice of ProMarkers. I’ve used shades of pink and green as I like them with kraft card. 

Trim around the images and add them to a mat of toning card. Emboss the kraft tags with the trellis embossing folder and then stick on the matted images. 

Tie several strands of the bakers twine through the holes at the top of the tags and you’re done. Very quick and easy and just the ticket for making quick and personal gifts.

Have a great weekend and see you next week.

Fliss x

Thursday, 26 September 2013

Tando Christmas Baubles by Carol Fox



I've been playing with the Grab bag of Tando Baubles this week, this is what I did with them.


What I did


·       I laid the mask onto the baubles, doing one at a time and choosing the size star from the mask that fitted best onto the size bauble I was using.

·       I applied Grunge Paste through the mask, when this was dry I flipped the bauble and repeated it on the other side.

·       Paint both sides with Honeydew Fresco Finish paint.

·       Use a piece of Cut and Dry Foam to sponge a thin layer of Old Gold paint over the top of the cream.

·       When the paint layers are completely dry, use your finger to apply a little bit of Gilding wax to the bauble, highlighting the raised areas of Grunge Paste and giving a gentle shimmer to the bauble.

·       It needed something to frame it, so I used a piece of Cut and Dry and a VERY SMALL spot of black paint on my craft mat to edge the baubles.

·       Finishing them off with some Frantage Glass Glitter.

·       Add a short length of ribbon or string for hanging.




          I used 

Fresco Finish Paint: Honeydew, Old Gold, Little Black Dress
Creative Expressions Gilding Wax: Cast Bronze, Golden Light

That’s all for this week, see you next Thursday,
Carol x

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

The Happy Couple by Alan Scott

This project started out as a find from a car boot sale. The surface of the canvas is protected so it's important that you do use a good branded Gesso to give a good coverage over the canvas. When I say good, it's worth while in the long term to pay that little more. I have bought a tub of white gesso from a high street store that cost £5.00 - it was gesso but such a watered down liquid, it could cover a white sheet of card never mind a canvas like this one. So it's best to buy a branded tub as it will cover the surface a lot better and save you money and time long term.

I revisited an old faithful set of stamps for this project. it just goes to show that these sets of stamps have a long life and not just like some out there that are '1 trick ponies'. The products used here are 99% available from That's Crafty (who have just had a up-grade on their web site, so is now so much faster and easier to navigate!). Where I have used a product, I have highlighted a product that will be a very good alternative. Over the years we all collect different products so we all understand that we do have differing products.

This project does rely upon items that I have explored in different projects on my blog.



10 inch square canvas thats been reclaimed
White Tile
Scrap White Paper
Black Waterproof Drawing Pens (try to build up a collection of different widths, they last and are worth that extra few pennies for them)
Tim Holtz Distress Embossing Ink Pad 
Strip of Dry Wall tape and Silver Plumbers Tape (raid your partners' D.I.Y space!)
Eco-Crafts White Acrylic Paint White or White Gesso
Posca White Pen
Dimensional Tape
Print out of Computer Typeface Text
Silver Holographic Metallic Card
Cricut Electronic Cutting Machine


Now then we have been round several car boot sales and found some canvases that were originally bought to hang on the wall, with the intention of Home Design. I came across a set of 4 that were bought for would you believe it 25 pence EACH! As they were massed produced, they will have a easy clean surface on them.
A nice thick coat of black Gesso is just what is needed.

Using drywall tape, place two strips close by to each other. The silver tape is there just to hide the joins. As the tape isn't equal in the gaps, there is no great need to be 100% accurate. Then to help protect the tape, a layer of decoupage glue is used. This layer will take a paint medium, so there isn't any issues for further layering. As an after thought, I decided to protect the black gesso layer, so once again I used the same medium to protect it.
While the canvas is drying we can get started with the images. For the figures, I decided to use the stamp sets below in the photo on the left. The only bit of technical crafting is the hair for the bride!
Taking the stamp figure from the Pondering Petunia, I inked the stamp up and made an impression on the stamp paper and then while it still had some ink on, I re-stamped some scrap paper so I can make a mask for later.
Using a piece of scrap paper, the next step of the project is to make a hair cut out. Be as wild as you want or be as neat as you want, it's your call now. Here I have gone for a kinda combed back with a quiff look. Make sure that the base of the hair matches the line at the top of the head.  
The section was been cut out using a crafting knife and cutting mat. You can use your scissors, however I would strongly advise you to use a craft knife as the following steps will show you. The middle is discarded but kept safe as it will be needed later, it's the cut out area or mask that we are going to use.
Place the stamped out figure first onto the stamped image on the white card, secure with a little dab of glue from a glue stick. Then place the hair mask on top of this so you have a 2 part layer stack.
1. The stamped image on the stamping card.
2. The stamped image on photo copy paper
3. The hair mask/template. 
Then using the stamp you have selected for the hair here its a stamp from Background Love. As its a patterned one there wasn't a great deal of matching up to be done. Just be careful when placing the stamp. 
After the hair had been stamped and while all the layers were still in place its a perfect opportunity for the next stamped layer. Remove the hair template and place over the hair impression the middle that was cut out.
Placing the figure from the Dependable Dotty stamp set, ink up again with StazOn and make an impression so that it will look as if the figure is standing behind the female image.
After all your hard work stamping, masking and layering, it should look something similar to the photo on the right.
By using a black micron drawing pen. you're able to join any lines that are not quite matching. Use a waterproof black pen for this stage.
In the Bits of This stamp set there are two flowers that can be used to make up the bouquet of flowers for the bride. This time we are going to stamp onto silver metallic style card, so the StazOn ink pad is used again. This is the best ink pad for stamping onto non porous surfaces. One of the smaller houses in the Right Up Your Street stamp set would make the perfect Church in the background.
I wanted to make this a black and white project. As I used StazOn I'm able to use a water based material. So armed with my Black Soot distress marker, a water brush and a white tile, I started to lay down colour, just highlighting areas. Just relax experiment with some paper that you used in the stamping. It's just like using your water based coloured brushes. Only this time we will be using the one colour, by adding more water to the mix you're able to give a lighter layer of colour.
When the stamped image was as I wanted it to look, the next step was to cut it out. This was done using both a good pair of sharp tipped scissors and a craft knife leaving a small gap surrounding the image, don't worry this will not show up. Using the same black Gesso that we used in the covering of the canvas ,this small extra from our stamped image will be covered up using a fine tipped brush and the gesso.
Now then, it's time to get back to our canvas. There is a wonderful collection of stamps from Prima called Stitches and they are sets of sewn image stamps in LinesCircles, Squares and Rectangles. They are cling backed and to me, can become a very good investment for future projects. I opted to use one of the straight lines. Again, StazOn was used as I was going to be stamping onto a non porous surface.
The stamped layer. When dry, I once again put a layer of Collage Glue over the image to protect it.
To give more interest and definition, I opted to use a white paint. The top photo on the right shows what I did. I selecting certain squares and I filled them in with the white paint. If you don't have white paint in your crafting supply box, white Gesso will work.  
The background needed something as it was just flat. Before I finished with the white, all that was needed was somewhere to place the church building. By drawing freehand with a pencil, I started to draw 2 hills - this would also give depth to the image. Just 2 simple lines can work miracles to your project. When I was happy with the two lines, I took my Posca white pen and drew over the pencil lines. You can use paint if you're steady with your hands.
The background was still lacking something, it was flat. So armed with embossing Ink and the background stamps of Alphabet and Numeral Figures, I started to stamp freehand over the canvas. When I say free hand, I mean I didn't use a stamping block. As quickly as I stamped, I put a layer of embossing powder down. When I had finished, that's when I used my heat gun to fix the embossing powder. You can make out some of the embossed imagery in the photo on the right.
When it came time to secure the imagery onto the canvas, I used a roll of dimensional tape. This was done in a double layer to give height. Now then, looking back I have not mentioned how l did the bouquet of flowers.
As the flowers were drawn, it was quite easy with a steady hand to separate them, so I had in effect, 2 separate flower heads and stems. By giving the stems a thicker base using a black pen, the line was drawn. Then to make it look as if they were being held, I just cut the flowers from the stems at a point where it would look okay to hold them. Then with some Cosmic Shimmer Clear P.V.A glue, I secured them on top of the hands and then the stems below the hand. Overlapping the flower heads, made it look bigger and as if they were part of the image.
The Cosmic Shimmer Clear Varnish was used in the glasses to make it look as if there was a layer of glass. It's all about layering, even if they are small it's still part of a bigger picture.  

The church was also secured to the canvas using the Cosmic Shimmer Clear P.V.A glue.  
I wanted to put text on the canvas so that it looked as if it was a card or a hand crafted present as a keep sake. So after looking through the text on one of my Cricut cartridges, I saw this phrase. Also it came in handy as I did make an error while I was painting the outline using the black Gesso. It was not quite dry and as I was handling it, I smudged the male figure around the collar area. It did stand out, so I went into panic mode! However while I was searching, I came across small flower shapes - PERFECT I could give the male figure a flower pin and I could cut out small flowers to put on top of the flowers I already secured into place.
After looking at the canvas the following day, the text I had placed onto the canvas just didn't look right. A panic haze descended upon me. After all that effort I had put in, it could be ruined and I would have to start again. So the lesson here I have learnt is, don't place the text down securely until the following day and I have looked at it with fresh eyes. I grabbed the same card that I had used before and cut out a rectangle, just big enough to cover the space where there was glued parts from the other text but small enough to leave a border of the tape, as the last thing I wanted was to cover it all up. 
After it was cut out, I took a distressing tool and worked on the edge. This was then inked using a Black Soot Distress Ink Pad. Using a black marker, I drew a box a centimetre inside.
As I didn't have a stamp font I wanted to use instead I decided to print the wording out. Then using scissors, I cut them out and secured them onto the newly distressed holographic card.
I wanted to have that symbol that's in a lot of wedding imagery and that's Doves. This is where How does Your Garden Grow came in, I could use the birds as a symbolic image. They don't have to fly, so by placing them on the ground without legs, it kind of gave that impression. These again were coloured around the outside edges by using black Gesso.
The birds in place. You can also see the flower heads and the flower on the collar, that i mentioned a little  earlier in the blog.
There you have it a different style of wedding project it can be changed over with a little tweaking using the stamps from this collection of stamps to fit almost any occasion. 
Any questions please send me a message and i will get back to you as soon as possible.
Happy Crafting

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