Introducing Max and Lana by Tracey Fairgrieve


Hello everyone hope you are all keeping well??

I've decided to have a break from sharing Christmas makes and introduce you
 to Max and Lana today, two newly released face stencils from That's Crafty!

If you have a love of portraiture like myself these will be ideal for you. 
Both stencils give you all the base lines needed to trace out the image 
leaving enough surrounding space to let your creativity transform the rest. 

Here's those *How to Do's*

Using a chunky pencil I traced through each stencil onto white/greyboard panels.

The thickness of the pencil and depth of the white/greyboard helps you keep those guild lines, lowering the risk of you losing them under your chosen mediums.

Here's Max..

The skin tones have been created using That's Crafty! paints, mixed 
on to a craft mat and applied directly onto the stencilled out image.
*see colours below*

The background was built up around him using the new Ocean paint and 
Webbing Mini Stencil. Streaks of White paint added to his hair help mature him, 
making him look quite distinguished. Finishing off my Max panel with some dots and dabs of watered down paint.

Next comes Lana with her side sweeping hair style. She too has been completely painted using That's Crafty! paints, adding highlights within her hair using the metallics.

Laying the stencil back over the top I again traced through with the pencil to 
bring back any definition in the hair that may have been hidden during painting.

A touch of Shimmer Pink paint gives gloss to those lips and a dab of Pearl
paint heated with a heat tool replicates a single pearl earring.

My Lana portrait panel is complete.

Both stencils are fabulous additions to the That's Crafty! brand
which I know you will enjoy using as much as I have.

Have a great day everyone and
Thank you for sharing a little piece of it with me!

Warm Hugs & Creative Wishes

Tracey xx 

Crafty Supplies:

That's Crafty! Stencils *6.5 x 7.5"* Max and Lana
That's Crafty! Surfaces White/Greyboard Panels
That's Crafty! Mini Stencil: Webbing MS003
That's Crafty! Paints: WhiteChestnut BrownBright MagentaYellow
My trusty chunky pencil..!!

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  1. These are absolutely stunning Tracey and you’ve demonstrated them perfectly. They’re especially useful for people who are a little afraid of drawing faces so these do all the work for them :)
    Donna xx

    1. Thank you Donna and your are so right, they do give you all those important lines giving you the freedom to just create with them xx

  2. Both of these are totally amazing Tracey. They both look so true to life with your fabulous painting technique and are both truly awesome in detail.
    Fliss xx

    1. Thank you Fliss, I love the size of them and they fit the greyboard panels perfectly xx

  3. Wow Tracey, both are wonderful! The skin tones you achieved on Max are superb, I love the light and shade. Lana's eye is just perfect and I love the golden elements in her hair. What fabulous stencils - you used them so perfectly!! Anne xx

    1. Thank you very much Anne, I really did enjoy painting these and no fussing around them after adding bits and bobs which is unusual for me hee hee! xx

  4. Wow you blow my mind away with this fantastic portraits! Fantastic use of the stencils Tracey!

    1. Thank you kindly Susi, they really are fantastic stencils xx

  5. Gorgeous Tracey, fantastic colouring. Tracy x

  6. Fabulous tutorial and stunning results
    Amanda x

  7. WOW Tracey what a work of art. Very clever, artistic and the results are awesome, love these. Wish I could draw as well...hugs.xx[aNNie]🎄⛄

    1. Thank you Annie.. The stencils do all the drawing work for you, instant art!! xx

  8. Creative, arty and they look amazing x

  9. Wow - fantastic portraits, Tracey - the painting you've done based on the stencil outlines is just amazing. I particularly like him!
    Alison x

    1. Hee heee Alison Thank you and you are not the only one to have a preference towards the male, I think it maybe the chiselled chin :)) xx

  10. Tracey, wonderful work with both stencils, nice to see them side by side.
    Lynne xx

    1. Thank you Lynne, They are fabulous stencils and a great tool for all artists no matter what stage their art journey is at xx


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