Saturday, 31 August 2013

Time for Tea? by Julie Dandy

We would just like to say a massive thanks to Julie for all her hard work and
fantastic projects in her stint as our August Guest Designer.

Thanks Julie, all your projects were absolutely fab. :-)

Hi everyone, this is my last piece for you as August's guest design team member, so I went all out with the Tando Village in a Box and The Octopode Factory Alice stamps.

What I used:
Patterned Papers - I used Basic Grey Nook and Pantry 600 x 600 paper pad
Buttons and Bakers Twine
A charity shop metal candlestick painted with Vintaj Patinas


Here's how to:

I started by stamping the images on to watercolour paper then colouring with a combo of the Distress Markers and Distress Ink picked up with my water brush, then cut out.

Paint the picket fence white.

Cover the Tando shaped sides of the box by sticking down on to the paper and cutting around them when dry.

I repeated that with the little houses using contrasting papers.

When everything is dry, stick the sides together, this can be quite tricky so take your time.

I picked up more of the Distress Ink with my waterbrush and used it to age the inner corners and edges. 

Glue the stamped images to the houses and around the inside of the box, then glue in to position inside the box.

Add in some buttons and the teeny stamped images and the flower images.


I decided to make the lid into a base for my box, to make it more like a cake stand effect on my candlestick.

Paint it with the Distress Paint and glue together,

Cut out little triangles from the patterned paper, punch and thread on to a piece of bakers twine.


Drape these around the side of the box sticking in place at the corners.

I made a mist from Distress Re-inker in Frayed Burlap to take the clean-ness away from the piece.

When everything was dry, I glued the box to the top of the lid, added my little sign, then glued the whole thing on to the top of my candlestick.


Lastly another HUGE thank you to Laura for asking me to be a guest designer for That's Crafty and a HUGE thank you to you all for making me feel so welcome and leaving lovely comments on my posts :D 


Julie xx

Friday, 30 August 2013

Elizabeth’s Garden By Fliss Goodwin




Hello there, I have something a bit different for you this week, as I’ve finally managed to finish a project I started a few weeks ago, which took a while to create as I had a bit of a struggle to find the right colouring medium for the lovely Elizabeth image when stamped on fabric. Do read on, as you might find my discovery very useful if you like using fabric in your artwork.


Here’s What You Need: 

Distress Stains in a variety of colours
Calico Fabric
An Embroidery Hoop – mine is 7 inches in diameter
Kitchen (Paper) Towels
Needle and Cream Thread
Craft Mat or Ceramic Plate


Here’s How To: 

·       Firstly, cut a piece of calico double the width of your embroidery hoop and stamp the Elizabeth image slightly off centre to the upper right of the fabric with the StazOn ink. I really did use the brown ink but for some reason it turned a different colour after stamping, sort of greyish, but hey – I like it!


·       Next comes the bit that took a while to work out – painting with the Distress Stains. I used a ceramic plate to add Distress Stain patches to, as I didn’t trust myself not to get the ink where I didn’t want it! Start with the face first and paint with Spun Sugar Distress Stain and a dry brush (this is important as if it’s wet, the ink will run). When you’ve applied it all over the flesh areas, blot with a paper towel. This will remove some of the ink and prevent it running.


·       Paint the rest of the image with colours of your choice, blotting each section as you go. I used Squeezed Lemonade, Mustard Seed, Ripe Persimmon and Picked Raspberry for the flowers. Don’t be put off if it looks a little bright, as the blotting will soften the colours. I used Crushed Olive for the leaves and Shabby Shutters for the surround with the butterfly being painted with Peacock Feathers. Leave to dry and then iron with a dry iron to press the fabric flat.

·       Apply the embroidery hoop over the image, making sure you leave some space on the left hand side for embellishing. Cut the fabric to a rough circle leaving about 4 inches overhanging the edge and then run a thread round the circumference and gather up to neaten the back. You could then cover with a circle of felt if you wish.


·       To finish off the wall hanging, glue a selection of flowers in toning but softer shades to your painting around the left side and base of the design. Add gems and pearls to the flower centres. You could paint or spray plain flowers if you prefer and in fact, my yellow and orange ones were painted with Distress Stains.


Have a great weekend,


Fliss x

Thursday, 29 August 2013

The Raven Tag by Carol Fox


Hi, this week I have made a Halloween themed tag.


This is what I did 

·       I painted my tag with a navy blue paint, I then applied crackle medium to it and when this was dry, I used Nougat over the top for the crackle finish.

·       I stamped my image in black Archival ink, masking the area at the top above the ravens hat, I filled in this gap with some text and a swirly stamp.

·       I stamped the words from the top onto a separate piece of paper and cut this out, I inked it with Chipped Sapphire Distress paint and stuck it in position.

·       I added a piece of vintage text to the bottom and added a piece of washi tape too.

·       I coloured the raven with Distress markers, picking up the colour from my craft mat with a water colour pen, so the colours were faded.

·       I inked the tag with Old Paper Distress ink.

·       I used black paint on the edges and then ran stitching round it with my sewing machine. I added a piece of tape to the top.


I used

Tim Holtz Stamp Set - Sketch Elements
Distress Inks: Old Paper, Chipped Sapphire
Distress Markers: Walnut Stain, Seedless Preserves
Fresco Finish Paints: Nougat,  Baltic Blue, Little Black Dress, Crackle Medium

Thank you for your visit today,
Carol x

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

The Phoenix Rises from the Embers by Alan Scott

This project has a journey. It started off to being this very paper orientated and was going to utilize the backing paper that was used in a package that I received.

Unfortunately (to some this may sound kinda daft but to those who know what it's like will understand), we lost a friend. Let me start off by saying she was a cat that we got from the rescue centre in the cold month of February 2012. She was a fiery little critter right from day one, she was independent and had a swagger about her, as she knew she was just a cutie. But she gave us back unconditional love, as well a lot of happy memories. Her name was Mia and I have included a photo of her as she has inspired me in the making of this project.
MIA 2010 - 2013


She died of F.I.V. which is the cats version of H.I.V. The vets told us that she probably was bitten while she was in her original home. We can be thankful that she did not suffer a long prolonged bout of illnesses - she first fell ill 3 weeks ago and we took her to the vets and they kept her in for 2 days as she had lost a lot of weight. Then when I felt that she was still not well, we again took her to the vets. It was there that they told us her blood count had gone from a normal healthy cat to 21. They said that in a week her blood cell count at this rate would be at best 8 to 10. That meant that she could not fight the infection that had taken hold of her marrow. So I had to take that awful decision to ask the vet to make sure Mia was in no more pain and suffering. So on the 22nd August at approx 10.45pm, Mia was released from pain and suffering.
So what or how did I start this project and what did I use? Well as per usual, 90% of the items I used were from That's Crafty! If I didn't have a product name that they carry, I can tell you that they will have an alternative to most of the materials or equipment used.



Silver Card
Cricut Cutting Machine
Art Nouveau Cutting Die
Brown Wrapping Paper
Sheet of Bubble Wrap
Crafters Workshop 12 x 12 inch Template - Paint Lid (use any you have)
Wooden Paint Mixer
Black Indian Ink and Pen
Cosmic Shimmer Mist - Bronze and Green
NeoColour Wax Water Blend Sticks (a good alternative)
Print out of a Bright orange image
JustRite Font Collection
Artex or Heavy Texture Medium. i.e. Embossing Paste
Print out of a Dolls Face from my Altered Art/Mixed Media Collection
Old USED Store Card


This was the brown paper that was used in packaging. PERFECT for a base layer! When dry a nice interesting texture. To be added to by using a Artex medium!
This is where the OLD store card come in. It is a lot easier to spread over the surface. It also works with paint! To help with the paint a layer of white Gesso is used.
Using the selected colours placed onto a painters paper pad. This helps with the mixing and clean up!
Our good old friend the bubble wrap was used on the wet surface. This bubble wrap is the large version. 

The photo on the right shows the finished surface......... or is it? Only time will tell... Okay you got it.. ITS NOT!
Using a gold paint and the Paris Map, selected areas of the stencil are used to lay down colour. It is not an IN YOUR FACE layer but it has subtle tones when placing more layers. You don't have to have the whole page covered with your stencil. Be selective.

The next layer is going to be a brighter colour using a 12 inch template. Any one will do and it doesn't have to be a 12 inch if you're not able to have one like this in your collection. We don't stress or worry, we adapt and use what we have, adding to our crafting stash as and when we can afford it.
This is the colour I picked for this layer. As you can see, I did not use all of the stencil and as you can see, I have also gone 'off the page' with some of them.
Now to colour the cut out I made from the Cricut Art Nouveau Collection. As it was a glossy surface, I thought these would colour better. The photo on the right shows the finished sections.
Using the larger of the same style stencil, I went around the edges. Then using the smaller stencil and a purple and yellow acrylic paint, I started to lay down some colour.

I was now going to start on the centre of the project. This is where the face and the fire would be. So using a thick gold textured paint and the credit card, I started to lay down some colour.

To give a bit of 'Bling', Mica Flakes were used. This is the very first time I have used these. I bought them way, way back when they were first introduced to us on a TV show.  The photo on the right show the finished layer of gold.

I wanted to lay down some black ink. I honestly don't know why I wanted to but this was the outcome. To say I wasn't happy would be an understatement. So it was back to the reclaim drawing board! With a dropper, I placed some ink into the centre of the circles and then tipped the page up and let it run down.

Using a small brush, I took some different acrylic colours and placed dots along each of the drops. I was still trying to find a way to recover from the black circles! Using the thin liner pen/brush, I went over the dots of colour so that it looked as if the dots had a coloured shadow on them. The mistake was starting to correct itself at long last.

This is when I now wanted to add the fire. I used the wax sticks first and then (sorry forgot the photo) I used matching Gelato sticks to give the impression of fire. When they were rubbed in and blended, I took a water spray and just put enough water down so that it started to drip.

Now for the FIRE. I took a digital paper that I have in my digital stock and compressed it from 12 inches to A4. This caused it to become something different. Then after printing it out, using a pencil, I started to draw flames free hand. These would be ripped out free hand. Using a complementary ProMarker, the white edges were coloured.

We sometimes have happy accidents when something goes on that we didn't expect. This was one of them. When I added the varnish to the die cuts, the varnish mixed in with the alcohol inks, causing it to become a deeply coloured varnish. 

I did not like the way that the face looked when all the varnish and alcohol mixed in. So using a craft knife, I scrapped away as much as I could and then laid down a base coat of acrylic paint so I could then glue an image of a head into that space. To help decorate the head, I used the coloured pearlescent pva glues to give some detail around the top frame and the neck region.

Once the face had been glued into place, you can see by this photo how the flames and the colour of the head are working well together. This was very much a pleasant surprise!

As in last weeks project, the good old JustRite Font sets came into play. As I was going to be using the Distress Inks pads, I used a waterproof ink and Archival fits that brief.

The selected Distress Ink Pads. They work well with the final project and they don't look as if they are just stuck on. I didn't take great care and composure when I was laying down ink colour, in fact it was on this case 'dip' and 'blod'.


There you have it, what I hope is a fitting tribute to a lost friend.

Any questions please send me a message and I will get back to you as soon as I can.


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