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The lovely Laura has the new Pentart Dipping Paint and Chrome Rub on Pigments in stock and I have to say that I love them and have had a wonderful time playing with them. Instead of a mixed media home decor piece today I thought I would show that they can also be taken into your paper crafting and so am sharing with you a  card made with them.
My card blank was 8" square and so I started by cutting a piece of paper from the Casa Granada 12 x 12 paper collection slightly smaller than the card front and then sponged tacky glue (I used Pentart but Studio Light's version will work just as well) through the Home Stencil and once the glue had "dried" applied a mixture of gold and brass pigments over the glue to give a foiled detail to the background.

I then added more of the tacky glue to Tiles Decorative Chips again letting it go tacky before applying the pigments along side a tiny amount of the Gecco Green powder which is anything but green - its a really beautiful turquoise.


I knew I was going to add some floral elements from the papers and took some plastic green leaves from the stash adhering them with hot glue to a lolly pop stick before dunking them into the Dipping Paint and standing them up in a polystyrene block so that the excess paint could drip off and the leaves dry with a smooth glossy surface. The Dipping Paint adheres to materials that are really quite difficult to get product to stick too - think plastic, acrylic, ceramic and glass. Once the Dipping Paint was dried I then added the Gold Chrome Pigment to the Dipping Paint - you will need to add a thin smear of Transparent Wax to the surface before applying the powder either with your fingers or a sponge eye make up applicator. 

Once all of my components were assembled I then set about layering the pieces together adding in the window and word thank you from the Casa Granada Wooden Shapes building dimension with left over cardboard.

Fussy cut florals from the paper collection were then clustered over the window. 

Finally I added some faux flowers tucking in both the undecorated and gold dipped leaves and then some more paper flowers until I was happy with my composition.

I hope you have liked this tutorial and pick up the courage to explore this wonderful medium - I have found at least 10 different uses and would love to know if you can find more.

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