Beautiful Freedom by Lynne Moncrieff



Maybe you have That's Crafty! Lots of Words Clear Stamp Set amongst your stamp collection, if you do have this set, you will already know how wonderful this stamp set is, with the wonderful range of words.

For my project this week, the words were the final addition and I decided to not give too much thought to the selection. Well, as we know, the world works in mysterious ways and the words that immediately caught my eye, no pre-selection .... Beautiful and Freedom. Those words seemed appropriate for my approach was very free, in the way I made marks and worked with dip pen and bamboo pen in applying ink.


That's Crafty! Lynne's Wildflowers Set 2 Clear Stamp Set
That's Crafty! Lots of Words Clear Stamp Set
That's Crafty! Surfaces MDF Panel 8" x 8"
That's Crafty! Walnut Ink Crystals
That's Crafty! White Gesso
That's Crafty! Multi-Purpose Craft Adhesive
That's Crafty! Pearl Inks: Black, Silver
That's Crafty! Multi- Surface Paint: Midnight, White
That's Crafty! A4 Stencil Circles TC40002
Distress Ink Black Soot
Extras:Shipping Tag, Black Thread, Dip Pens


It started with underpaper which I cut to size to adhere to MDF panel size 8" x 8". On the underpaper: That's Crafty! Multi-Surface Paints: Midnight, White and Pearl Ink in Silver and also walnut ink and texture paste... Although I wanted to work with it, there was something too jarring about it so I set about spraying with Walnut Ink (which I always have to hand).

As it was at the point of almost dry,Gesso was applied with a palette knife.

With an old piece of cloth, slightly damp, pushing the Gesso into the panel. It will appear that the Gesso is obliterating the layers beneath but they continue to be there.

Once the panel had dried, time to dip into ink. You can see I have two dip pens, one being a bamboo which gives broader lines and the other dip pen, finer lines.

Shake the Pearl Ink thoroughly and if it feels too thick for applying with a dip pen, then I decant a little into a small container, add the tiniest amount of water, mix and then dip the pen into it.

Laying the panel aside to allow the ink to dry, attention turns to the tag.

A shipping tag was stained with a stronger concentration of walnut ink. Once dry, a Wildflower stamped with Black Soot ink, the dip pen and ink used to add some details.

Later, I pressed the tag into some Gesso which was on my work surface with black thread wrapped around the bottom of the tag.

Beautiful and Freedom stamped onto scrap watercolour paper, inked with Black Soot ink.

Then adhered below the tag.

Using the amazing A4 Circles Stencil, four of the smallest size circles were cut, placing three at upper left side

with the fourth circle tucked behind the stamped tag.

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  1. Such a beautiful ethereal piece of artwork Lynne and love how you showcased the flowers on a tag.
    Fliss xx


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