Flower a Slit Book by Lynne Moncrieff



Slit Books have become a wee bit of a favourite of mine. I like that they are a easy means to bring together a theme and a way for me to find a home for so many scrappy pieces of paper/textiles which I always have floating around.

For this particular book, the feature is only one stencil, That's Crafty! Dinky Stencil Fleur.  To create a variation, I flipped the stencil over to give me the reverse print.  The design of this stencil allowed me to have fun with stitching.


PaperArtsy Eclectica EAB01 Designed by Alison Bomber
That's Crafty! Liquid Acrylic Wax
That's Crafty! Walnut Ink
That's Crafty! Matte Spray Sage
That's Crafty! Dinky Stencil TC080
13 Arts Ayeeda Patina Mist Bronze
Archival Ink Pad Jet Black
Extras: cotton rag/watercolour paper,rice paper, sewing thread, needle,


After making the slit book, panels were then torn from eco dyed paper, a piece for each panel of the book.

I like to use papers which haven't taken a strong colour, as it means nothing is wasted.

Each paper panel is then adhered to a panel of the book, first applying Liquid Acrylic Wax as the adhesive, then gently laying the paper down before applying a top layer of the Liquid Acrylic Wax.

Once all pages are dry, colour was applied with the Ayeeda Patina Mist, walnut ink and Matte Spray in Sage. To this, another layer of Liquid Acrylic Wax.

You might see above photo, the book rests upon various papers, rice paper which caught the excess spray. This paper would be used for the next step.

With the Patina Spray and the That's Crafty! Stencil Fleur, the flower stencil was stencilled onto the under paper, creating variation to the design by flipping it over and pressing the excess Ayeeda Mist onto the paper for a reverse pattern.

Each stencilled piece was then adhered to the book with the Liquid Acrylic Wax.
(sorry, no photos of this step)

Leave the above step to dry thoroughly before progressing with the next step.

Holes were made into the stencilled Fleur design and also creating borders and lines around the stencilled area.

When creating the holes, ensuring the hole is only pierced into the upper page and not through to any under layers. Take the time to enjoy this process.

Once all the stitches have been added, time to turn to stamping.

I always have tags which have either been stained with tea, coffee or walnut ink.  Here I layered such a tag onto one of the pages, which has some more primitive stitches and layered to the tag, partially inked up a PaperArtsy EAB stamp, stamping onto scrap of rice paper.

In the centre of the book....


layers of fragments of found papers, a strip of teabag paper dipped in walnut ink before applying liquid acrylic wax and a line of stitches.

The focal, the word flower stamped onto piece of scrap paper, framing with a rusted washer.

I will be sharing a video of the book on Instagram and Facebook.

Thank you so much for your visit.


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  1. Oh Lynne .... this is just gorgeous... you are absolutely one of my favorite artists and your growth has been phenomenal.


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