Mechanical Sea by Rachel Harries


This is one of the samples I made for the recent release of Melinas beautiful new designs. I started by guessing around the edge of the Upright back plate and base board.

I then took some of the lovely papers and drew roughly around both pieces which I then cut and stuck down.

Once the adhesive is dry I sand the edges to give a nice finish.

I then take a tint blob of White paint and Pale Blue paint and use a brayer on the pieces.

I take both layers for each fish making sure I've matched them up for the direction I want them to go in, I spray the bases with some Ayeeda Mist Sprays in Pastel Turquoise and Bronze. With the little fish I add some bolts and I add the odd extra bit to the other top layers as well as some Sand Texture Paste in places.

With the top layer I paint with acrylic paints drying between layers to create a rusty effect. I use a similar process with the seaweed going for more of a patina effect. I then use some wax on the internal cog elements.

I take the bubbly piece of greyboard and gently rip it in half, I use a brayer to colour this with blue white and a little mauve as I have picked colours from the background paper.

I pop the upright together and stick the bubble layer to the background, I make myself a little support for the elements I want in the foreground. I do whatever width I want and then 4.5 inches in length, I then score at every inch and use the final .5inch to overlap and adhere everything together. I pop the support on the Upright and I add my elements.

The fish above has a piece of cocktail stick stuck to its back to add the extra element.

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  1. Love this one Rachel
    Amanda x

  2. This really is amazing Rachel. So much stunning detail and the way you used the bubble element is so clever.
    Fliss xx


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