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When That's Crafty! released their greyboard Bits and Pieces Large Feathers, I was all over those feathers, so much so, I had to tell myself to step away from them because I was so smitten with them.

During the time of moving home, you can imagine, art/craft supplies remained in storage boxes, slowly unpacking whenever possible and what did I spy, my box of That's Crafty! Bits and Pieces, including the beloved feathers.  It was time to re-unite with them.


That's Crafty! Clear Stamp Set ATCoins Set 11 (Fly)
PaperArtsy Eclectica Minis Designed by Seth Apter EM50, EM54
That's Crafty! Bits and Pieces Surfaces Greyboard Sheet Feathers Large
That's Crafty! Surfaces MDF Chunkie 8" x 8" Pack of 2
That's Crafty! Medium - Liquid Acrylic Wax
That's Crafty! Medium - Gesso White
That's Crafty! Medium - Walnut Ink Crystals
That's Crafty! Multi-Purpose Craft Adhesive
That's Crafty! Flat Matte Sprays: Aqua, Walnut Ink, Ochre
That's Crafty! Pearl Inks: Copper, Bronze
13Arts Ayeeda Coloureed Gravel Grey Light
That's Crafty! Surfaces Tea Bag Paper
Archival Ink Jet Black
Extras: copper metal sheet, re-cycled packaging paper, cotton covered wire


First step, assembling the Chunkie and then applying a coat of Gesso. I like to apply the Gesso because it then provides more clarity when layering papers.

This project began with the need to utilize papers I had either stained with Flat Matte Sprays or with other media/eco dying.

The tea bag paper I worked with for this project, was at the time coloured with the Flat Matte Sprays as mentioned in the Supply List.

Before applying sprays, I mixed the colours to achieve what I wanted. My first thought was to leave the paper as it was but it needed "something" to enhance it.  So of course, I turned to Acrylic Liquid Wax.

Typical of me, I didn't know what direction this would go in, so I simply let it flow, reaching for media, I suppose on a whim.

White Gesso was applied, almost dry brushing it on.

To this, walnut ink sprayed. Alongside the Flat Matte Spray Walnut Ink, I like to store variety of strengths of walnut ink into glass jars with screw tops and mister bottles. This was allowed to air dry.  Once dry, another application of Acrylic Liquid Wax.

I had some wonderful packing paper which I recycled, applying a quick swipe of Gesso followed with walnut ink. This alongside a piece of paper which, if memory serves me (!) was eco dyed and I added some Flat Matte Spray in Aqua to it, were layered to the Chunkie. To this, Acrylic Liquid Wax was applied to the Chunkie, only avoiding the packing paper elements.

Once dry, splatters of Bronze and Copper Pearl Inks.

In this photo, it's not the best quality but maybe you can see the flecks of Pearl Inks and the contrast of the areas where the Acrylic Liquid Wax has been applied.

You will see in the finished project, I continued to add more pieces of the prepared packing paper.  For some areas, Gel Medium was not applied to edges of the paper, allowing to curl up to almost mimic tree bark, creating organic edges.  I also dry brushed Gesso onto torn pieces of copper metal sheet.

At this stage, I was sure that I was finished with preparing the Chunkie but at the time of working in this Chunkie,  I had the arrival of some PaperArtsy Minis and I knew I had to incorporate them.

With Jet Black Ink, I randomly inked up areas of both Minis.

I decided on another application of the Acrylic Wax. To this final layer, more Gesso was dry brushed,

focusing on the edges.

The Chunkie laid aside at this point to give attention to the greyboard feather.  First, application of Gesso before spraying with walnut ink. This was the first stages of preparing the feather. To this I applied Liquid Wax, once dried, more Walnut Ink and splatters of Pearl Inks. Gesso was then applied in a dry brush fashion.

To the prepared feather, I added a fragment of the packing paper, topping with a coil made from cotton covered wire.  Another piece of this wire was wrapped around the feather.

Fly, from the ATCoins Set 11, was stamped onto copper metal sheet, three times. Cutting into word tiles, those elements were adhered to the Chunkie.

A final touch, creating more textural elements, the 13Arts gravel. I have not used for some time, again packed away and again, when using it, such a simple product but so wonderful in its own way.

Thank you for the visit.


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  1. An absolutely stunning piece of artwork Lynne. The textures are simply breathtaking and the altered up packaging looks so amazing (I have some of this too and you've inspired me to hunt it out)
    Such beautiful simplicity in the embellishing too.
    Fliss xx

  2. Fliss,
    Isn't it fabulous packaging! When I unearthed it in my delivery, it felt like a surprise gift LOL - yes, I do get that excited about packaging material LOL.
    Thank you for your kind words. As always, I didn't feel I hit the mark with the end result of this, somehow far too busy so thank you for your words xx

  3. Thanks for the great tutorial, beautiful piece!


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