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Hi Everyone

Welcome to my Thursday weekly post. Today I am sharing a textural piece of 'art on the round' that has a kinda grungy feel and holds at its centre a salvaged badge from a well worn and much loved pair of my old Converse sneakers!

After trialing 13Arts Magic Powder for the first time last week on my 'Heart and Soul' tag I fancied experimenting with it a little more, this time mixing it with 3 different colours and 3 different mediums. I figured working on a round would be a good way to give each of the 'magic mixes' their own identifiable place within the design as I could divide the round into 12 equal segments giving 4 segments to each 'magic mix'. So it began with a visit back to my school day maths to calculate the size of each segment of a 6 inch greyboard round.

The formula you need to calculate is π x d / by 12 (pi(3.142) x diameter divided by number of segments). I'm a bit of a maths/number cruncher fan but if you aren't then you can always use good old string and a ruler. 
Gesso the round. 
Measure, mark, cut and on the reverse of each segment write a number 1-12 
This will help ensure accurate 'fitting' when you are reassembling the circle.

Now for the 'magic mixes' - here are the recipes for the 3 mixes: 
Pot 1: Magic Powder+Tumbled Glass Distress Paint+ Texture Paste 
Pot 2: Magic Powder+ Broken China Distress Paint+ Sand Paste 
Pot 3: Magic Powder + Mermaid Lagoon Distress Paints + Crackle Paint 
How much of each medium you add is up to you. I didn't use any precise measurements I just went with how it felt and looked when I was mixing. I can tell you though that I did add a generous amount of Magic Powder to pot 2 as I wanted to test out its claim that it will crack when drying if the paste is powder heavy.

Apply the 'magic mixes' directly to the segments with a palette knife to create a repeating pattern of colour and texture. Eg: apply pot 1 to 1,4,7,10, pot 2 to 2,5,8,11 and so on. 
Whilst the paste is still wet lightly sprinkle it with embossing powder. Melt the EP with a heat gun. The heat will also kick start any cracking and then either continue to heat dry or leave to air dry. 
The claim that a powder heavy mix will crack as it dries is true! 
Here's a close up of pot 2 to show you ..

...and a close up of pot 1- although the mix was smooth my rough application with the palette knife has created some texture lines and marks. There's a few small bubbles too from holding the heat gun close when melting the EP ...

...and a close up of pot 3 - this was the crackle paint 'magic mix' that's created not only a rough texture but super sized cracks aswell! Impressed?  I certainly was! 

Edge each segment with acrylic paint and adhere to a pre-painted 6in MDF round arranging them in accordance to the numbers you wrote on the reverse. 
Here's a close up of the 3 different textures and tones when set side by side. 

I created a focal feature which is the sum of a few parts. From the bottom to the top
a painted card die cut,
a painted 2.5 circle/ ATcoin,
a stacked die cut circle, crackled and tinted with Distress paint
an ankle badge salvaged from a pair of my much loved and well worn old sneakers that has been waiting to be used in my art for some time now.
Finally it found its place!
A capped hex nut dipped in alcohol ink decorates the Converse All 'Star' and the red font prompted me to add some red paint splats.

All the layers give great dimension to the focal feature

and indeed the finished piece.

Products used:

That's Crafty! Greyboard Round 2.5 inch - I used one from the pack of various sized rounds but you could use one of That's Crafty! New Release ATCoins as they are the same size
PaperArtsy Fresco Finish Paint - Midnight - Any acrylic paint will work

Extras from my stash:
Circle die
Capped Hex Nut
Converse Sneakers logo badge
Plastic pots and lollipop sticks for mixing paints/pastes
Pencil, ruler 

I hope you have enjoyed your time here with me today and that maybe my Art on the round has offered you some inspiration
Thanks for taking the time to stop by
Wishing you all a great week and hope to see you next - same time same place
Take Care

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  1. Fabulous textural piece and a wonderful touch of recycling too for the centre piece. Love it. Tracy ❤️❤️❤️

  2. Love, love, love this Amanda, so much wonderful texture and I love the colours (and the magic powder of course!). Beautiful work. Anne xxx

  3. What an original piece, love the recycled converse badge. I’ve had a pot for ages do really need to try it. Great inspiration
    Amanda x

  4. A really amazing piece of textured artwork Amanda. The segmented idea is fabulous and the textures all look incredible. Love the recycled badge too, a great way to display it.
    Fliss xx

  5. Thank you so much Tracy, Anne, Amanda and Fliss for your kind words . They are very much appreciated :) x


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