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Hi Everyone
This week I have a 6" x6" MDF Chunkie with my favourite of Dina Wakley's Quirky People stamps, all the background has been created using That's Crafty! Multi Surface Paint and That's Crafty! stencils.

I love these MDF Chunkies as due to the 1" depth of them you can create on the sides as well.

Here's What I Did:

You can create directly onto the MDF but as I wanted to add some machine stitching I created onto a piece of thick white card first and then added it to the Chunkie. I started by created my masterboard that would be cut up to use as my background. Basically I picked my choice of background colours from the range of That's Crafty! Multi Surface Paints and then selected a few That's Crafty! stencils both the 8" x 8" and my favourite That's Crafty! Dinky stencil and built up the colours by layering them up. Once happy I roughly painted in some white circles and scribbled around them with a fine liner pen. Next was to cover the MDF Chunkie, when doing this I always start with the sides so I roughly sectioned up my piece so I had my 5 pieces. 

I then added some machine sewing to each piece before glueing the pieces onto the MDF. I always start with the sides and once glued and dried trim down with a craft knife. I then add the top piece, my reason that this is the last piece is that it covers the side pieces so I get no show of the edges. Once that was all glued and dried I added torn pieces of  Dina Wakley collage papers to it, I also added Dina's collaged words all adhered with matte medium and added lots of paint splatters. 

I stamped the quirky image onto a plain piece of tissue paper and painted the face from behind with white paint. This was then also added with matte medium. The red and yellow was added onto the front using Zig brush pens which take a little time to fully dry but I painted over with the matte medium to seal the ink from the pens. I felt the edges were too soft so added paint to it just smearing it on with my finger. A little bit of Dina's washi tape was torn and added.

Here's What I Used:
That's Crafty! Multi Surface Paints - Christmas Red, Yellow, Teal, Sandstone, Black & White
That's Crafty! 8" x 8" Stencils - Line Circle, Dot Circle & Triangle Lines
Dina Wakley Stamps - Quirky People
Dina Wakley Collage Papers - Backgrounds & Words
Sewing Machine
Have a great week and I will see you all next Tuesday

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  1. Love the image and the words especially. Beautiful.

  2. Absolutely stunning Amanda, gorgeous colours and so much beautiful detail and texture.
    Fliss xx

  3. Another week , another fabulous project! Amanda. You creative ideas are never ending and always impressive and inspiring . tfs x

  4. Brilliant layering to keep all those colours sharp and distinct. Love the bold graphics.
    Alison x


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