The Moon Is Shining by Lynne Moncrieff


With frosty nights, the moon has been glowing in the sky, appearing as though I could simply reach out and touch it. Instead of touching the moon, I contented myself by making this project.

That’s Crafty! Acrylic Pearl paint, applied to a greyboard moon, provided the pearly sheen of the moon surrounded by the inky colours achieved with Infusions.


Infusions: Violet Storms, In The Navy, Black Knight
Gesso White, Clear
Extras: Cotton Sewing Thread, Fabric (Thanks Dorthe!), Found Papers, Willow Circle


First, apply clear Gesso to willow circle. Once dry, apply Infusions, misting with water. Try to manipulate the colour, with darker around the edge and the Violet Storms towards upper right side.

Gather various found papers, a mixture of textures. I lay them beneath the project prior to working with Infusions, allowing excess run off colour to stain the papers, textiles, etc. To this colour, randomly apply Pearl and Antique Silver. Leave papers to dry. 

Select moon greyboard shape. First apply Infusions and whilst wet, press the moon into Pearl paint. If necessary, sprinkle some more Infusions before leaving to dry. 

Once papers and moon are dry, tear a piece of prepared kitchen paper, adhering to lower corner of willow circle. Repeatedly stamp Anton Chekhov quote onto willow circle. The stamping will appear irregular due to texture of willow circle.  Next, partially ink up the same stamp, stamping onto piece of prepared paper, a smooth piece of paper. Layer this, with the prepared moon, fragments of midnight blue fabric and more fragments of prepared paper along with a few trailing threads, all to the upper corner of willow circle. 

Until next time,



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  1. Your willow circle is a fabulous idea, to use for this beautiful project, Lynne.
    So fantastic looking with the stamps because of the words, only partly showing, it gives so much kind of texture. The pale gorgeous moon, shining onto the earth with its cold light, half decked in shadow from your fantastic fibers and colors , is gorgeous. I can feel it on my sky, a dark night, only partly showing it`s beauty-
    Dorthe, xxx

  2. Fabulous natural surface to work on. I love how you have used the moon partially shrouding it with wording, just like a floating cloud. Hugs & Wishes Tracey x

  3. A very creative idea Lynne. The willow circle gives such a unique finish and love the way your moon peeks out of the background too.
    Fliss xx

  4. What's the old song - Moonlight becomes You? You have definitely made this moon shine in a most beautiful way Lynne! Wonderful use of the words! Hugs,Chrisx

  5. wow wow wow! totally gorgeous! xo

  6. Wonderful the planetary feel......moon looks fantastic
    TFS Lynne

  7. Beautiful and truly atmospheric creation Lynne, wonderfully created
    Donna xx

  8. Your pearly moon is utterly wonderful, Lynne - so atmospheric and mystical. A truly original creation.
    Alison x

  9. Wonderful textures Lynne! I love your pearly moon! xxx

  10. Absolutely beautiful Lynne! Xo


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