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Hi Everyone

For this week I am still playing with some of Dina Wakley’s new stamps and for my make this week, well actually makes, I am using Dina’s ‘Sketched Faces’ set.

I have made 4 8” x 8” cards which all have been made using the same technique.

Here’s What I Did:-

You need to start with card that will take water, I have used a mixed media card but you could also use watercolour card or any other card that you know will withstand water. 

I have chosen several stencils to change the background around. I have then selected the colours I wanted to use from both PaperArtsy Infusions and Lindy's Stamp Gang pigment powders. To create your background we are going to use the stencils as a stamp. Lightly mist with water your stencil and then sprinkle on a little of your chosen powdered colour this initial misting allows the powders to stick to the stencil (you can also do this with distress inks or any other dye based inks). Depending on how much water you initially sprayed onto your stencil you may need to mist again but don’t have the water running on the stencil. Pick the stencil up and lay it onto your chosen card and immediately lay a piece of kitchen towel over it to absorb any of the water seeping into the open spaces (you will always get a little seepage and lift off the stencil. I then dry off the cardstock with a heat gun. There will still be a good amount of colour left on the stencil so I spray it lightly again and take another print as above. The 2nd print is always lighter as you have diluted the colour down further, I tend to prefer the more muted effect of the 2nd print and all the examples above are using 2nd prints I have all the others in my “I’ll come back to that at a later date” box.

Here you can see the difference between 1st and 2nd prints and I prefer the way the 2nd print fades out more towards the edges.

Once I had my backgrounds I then stamped on the sketched faces, I have used 3 from the set of 4, the reason I have 2 of the same face is I didn’t know if I liked the blue one and I’m still not sure if I do.

I have added a little shading colour to each of the faces using coloured pencils and then added additional stencilling, stamping, mark makings with paint, flicked paint splatters and on one some machine stitches. Finally I have added one of Dina’s handwritten quote stamps to each one. Then matted onto black card and added to an 8” x 8” card blank.

What I Used:-

Lindy'sStamp Gang Pigment Powders (Pink and Yellow one)
Dina Wakley Stamps – Sketched Faces, Scribbled Text Elements, Handwritten Quotes,
Dina Wakley & TCW Stencils but you can use any stencils of your choice for your background
That's Crafty! Dinky Stencils - Bubble Wrap and Brick
Tim Holtz Dot Fade Stencil (to add the painted detail)
Versamagic Ink Pads - for subtle background stamping
All paint used is Dylusions Paint (slightly watered down when I needed to be able to flick it)
Paint Brush (To flick paint from)
Ranger Cut & Dry Foam – to add paint through stencils
Card Blanks
Old Credit Card (to add painted lines)
Kitchen Paper Towel

Hope you like them and I’ll see you next Tuesday

Amanda X

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  1. Absolutely stunning Amanda! They are gorgeous x x x

  2. Fabulous cards! Amanda Huge love here for these . x

  3. These are wonderful Amanda

  4. These are all stunners Amanda and look so varied despite the same techniques.
    Fliss xx

  5. Loving all 4 of them, beautifully created as always of course ;)
    Donna xx

  6. Amanda, I love them all!!! Brilliant use of the stencil and I love the colours you worked with x

  7. Such a great technique...I love your beautiful, arty cards Amanda! xxx


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