Doggie Stacker by Moira Sutton


Posca Pens
PaperArtsy Fresco Paints – Smurf, Blue Oyster, Zucchinie and Snowflake
Photo from my collection
I have another sample made for the Hochanda show to share today. When deciding what to use my dog stacker for I felt it would just have to be to showcase my furry pupsters Paddy and Minnie.
I randomly painted the MDF sheet with the Fresco paints going for a sort of sky/clouds/ grass feel. 
Next for the layer of acrylic which would lie next to the MDF, I stamped some of the JOFY flowers on to the front and coloured them with Poscas on the reverse.
On the next layer, I added stamps to any gaps including the nose and again coloured from behind and attached my picture of the dogs.

Finally I left the top layer of acrylic clear and added the bolts to screw it all together.  

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  1. Absolutely loved this Moira. What a cool idea and your gang of two looks fab in their flowery home. Lx

  2. Really gorgeous way to set off those very cute looking pooches Moira and love those colourful flowers.
    Fliss xx

  3. I love this, perfect for your doggie family.
    Amanda x

  4. This was one of my favourites, perfect showcase for your posing pooches ;)
    Donna xx

  5. A lovely idea to show off your doggy photos Moira! xxx


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