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I have one of my samples from Monday's shows on Hobby Maker TV to share this week. It has rather a lot of crackle as I've been experimenting with the Daily Art one coat transparent crackle paint and can say that I love it!

Step by Step:

The MDF box I used for this is really easy to put together and I glued 3 sides to the base, leaving the last side (one with the loop for fitting the lid) until the lid was decorated.

I painted the lid with Teal and Light Blue Multi Surface Paints. Once the paint was completely dry, I brushed on a coat of the Crackle Paint and left it to dry and crackle. Once the surface had finished crackling I brushed on a coat of Daily Art Bitumen and buffed the surface with a paper towel.

I then used the butterfly Dinky stencil with Chestnut Brown paint to add a pattern over the top.

I created some embellishments for the top using inchies which I covered with some green overflow paper from my bits box. I stamped a leafy branch on 4 of the inchies using green ink and left the others as they were. I stamped 4 daisies on orange paper and cut the images out.

I brushed Crackle Paint on the leafy inchies and left this to dry. I glued all the inchies in place, leaving the centre uncovered. I glued the daisies in place and brushed on a little Crackle Paint. 

I prepared the sides by covering them with more of my overflow papers (I have quite a lot!) On 2 of the sides, I stencilled on dragonflies and the other I stamped script with blue ink and then stencilled on butterflies. I brushed crackle paint over all sides and when dry crackle appeared. The surfaces bubbled in a couple of places but went down when dry so don't worry if yours does that.

As you can see, I decorated 2 sides with dominoes which I covered with orange paper and stamped with leafy images using dark green ink. I brushed them with crackle paint. I glued them in place and finished those sides with stamped dragonflies.

The other 2 sides have inchies which were covered with papers in shades of blue. They were stamped with the leafy branch image and bees. They were also brushed with crackle paint. I added butterflies to these stamped on yellowish paper and a bit of orange added.

I added a butterfly to the top. The insides of the box were painted green and the inner lid stamped with the tile image using brown ink (note to self - next time do this before putting the lid in place!).

I brushed some glitter glaze on the butterflies and dragonflies to finish - you can just see that on the photo above, along with the crackle on the inchies.


Have a great weekend and see you next week.

Fliss x

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