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I would say that I am not an art journaller - partly because each page takes a relatively short time to do and I craft quick so they don't keep me entertained for long and partly because I really haven't seen the point of it. However with the advent of lots of journalling items by Stamperia I have taken the plunge my way - is this make an art journal? or is it a photo album? or is it made just because - I will leave you to decide.

The starting point for this make was actually to fill the inner pages as I think once the cover is decorated it would be much harder to work on it given how dimensional I have made it. For my post today however I am going to concentrate on the cover and leave the pages for another post.

I took an A5 Stone Paper Mixed Media Journal because I knew I was going to add paints and crackle mediums to each page and did not want the pages to warp with the wet mediums and then added a wash of paint mixing three colours - Garden Green, Milk White and Powder Blush paints on the surface and lifting some of the colour with scrunched up paper towel so that I could seen the texture on the cover in some areas. 

I then applied torn pieces of  Our Way Manuscript rice paper using Mix Media Glue covering the entire surface of the journal with the glue to add another layer of protections. Once this had dried I added gold crackle paste - but Gold Glamour Paste would work equally well. 

Whilst the cover was drying I cast a camera using Amazing Casting Resin and the Travel Accessories mould and several feathers from the Feathers mould. Whilst I painted the handbag I eventually decided not to use it. I primed the resin pieces with Bonding Primer and then painted them with milk white acrylic paint. The below's of the camera were painted with Mahogany and the darker areas with Anthracite acrylics and left to dry. I then brushed the Rust Vintage Patina to the brown areas and wiped back lifting some of the brown paint to reveal the ivory underneath. The dark areas were then covered with Grey Vintage Patina which was again wiped back before adding White Vintage Patina. Finally I added Graphite Metallic wax and then some Gold Metallic wax.

The feathers were simply painted with Rust Vintage Patina wiped back to reveal the feather details.

Fussy cut images from the Our Way Collectables were chosen and then layered with the moulds onto the front of the cover. Some areas of the cover still looked bare so I added some crackle stamping to those parts before finally I adding splatters with watered down milk white and anthracite paint.

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