Glorious Poppies by Fliss Goodwin




I have a bright and vibrant journal spread to share this week which was inspired by my favourite photo on the Countryfile calendar for this year. A riot of glorious poppies was the result.

Step by Step:

I created my background first and wanted a field topped by sky at sunset so I masked off the top bit with a sheet of paper and then got to work with Flat Matte Sprays. I used a combination of Basil and Saffron, followed up with Tomato and Orange to give an impression of lots of poppies in the background.

I then swapped the paper mask to the bottom and misted Bluebell, Rose and a little Saffron on the top section. I removed the mask and blended the colours a little along the field line. I sponged some Orange ink around the top edges to deepen the colour effect a little and create a sunset coloured sky.

I then stamped a variety of poppies using Melina's designs on the background allowing some to overlap as I was going to add coloured flower heads on top so the overlapping doesn't matter.

My next task was to stamp lots of poppies on smooth white card with black ink. I then coloured them with Flat Matte Sprays, painting toning Satin Inks over the top for some shimmer.

I cut out the poppy heads and leaves. It does take a while but I usually do this whilst listening to something on the television or radio that doesn't need looking at!

I added the flowers and leaves to the journal pages, checking placement before commencing gluing them in. The under layers were glued first, layering the images up as I went. I added a little shadowing in places with a grey marker pen.

I finished off with text from one of Lynne's Botanicals stamp sets which fit my field of bright poppies perfectly.


Have a great weekend and see you next week.

Fliss x

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