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Following on from last week when I used MDF leftovers to create a mixed media piece of artwork, this week I'm grunging it up with some leftover pieces of Craftyboard which are also far too good to waste!

Step by Step:

It's sometimes possible to cut pieces out from the Craftyboard waste which look a bit like a frame and are perfect to use on other projects as I've done here. Here's a photo of what I cut my embellishments out of. As you can see in some cases there's just enough of a border to trim the shapes from the sheet.

I cut out the pieces I wanted to use and set those to one side whilst I prepared my chosen surface which is the square inner panel from an MDF faux reverse canvas. I took the background 1 6x6 stencil and added a pattern in opposite corners with white texture paste. I then glued on my embellishments together with some buttons from my stash as I'm in a "use it or lose it" phase at the moment! Once everything was completed dry, I painted over the whole surface with Purple Multi Surface Paint.

I added a coat of Crackle Glaze and once it was tacky, brushed on 3 shades of Multi Surface Paint, starting with Bright Magenta, then Lavender and lastly, Light Blue. As you can see, the colours mixed a bit and went rather grungy.

I prepared some more embellishments, starting with a couple of panels trimmed out of the Craftyboard waste. I painted them with Evergreen Multi Surface Paint then added a coat of Crackle Glaze. Once it was tacky, I brushed on Lime and Bright Magenta paints.

I then stamped some flowers, choosing the largest flower in Melina's Florals Set 1 and stamping the image 3 times on white card using black ink and heat embossing the images with clear powder. I chose a butterfly from Melina's Grunge Butterflies Set, stamped and heat embossed as for the flowers. I coloured all the images with satin inks and cut them out.

I assembled my artwork using a mix of That's Crafty! Multi Purpose Adhesive and silicone glue and finished off with the dreams text from the butterflies stamp set which I stamped on a toning scrap of overflow paper from my bits box using black ink and heat embossing as for the previous images. I added touches of bronze wax in places to emphasis the elements.


Craftyboard Waste
Have a great weekend and see you next week.

Fliss x

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