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Although I could have worked with all four of the new The Language of Trees stamps, I decided to limit the selection to only one tree, the windswept tree. By limiting to one tree, it allows the eye to focus on the words which appear on the upper ATB.

I have included some extra photos of a few of the different sides to the ATB, near the end of this post.
When working with the ATBs, no matter the smaller or larger size, my preference is to include a detail that brings some height to the top of the ATB. In this instance, I incorporated a dried Clematis, using the stem to adhere to one of the edges of the larger ATB.


That's Crafty! Clear Stamps The Language of Trees Sets 1
That's Crafty! Clear Stamps The Language of Trees Set 2
That's Crafty! Surfaces MDF ATBlocks
That's Crafty! Multi-Purpose Craft Adhesive
That's Crafty! Gesso
That's Crafty! Crackle Glaze
That's Crafty! Walnut Ink Crystals
That's Crafty! Mutli-Surface Paint: White, Grey, Black
That's Crafty! Flat Matte Sprays: Blackberry, Raspberry
PaperArtsy: Fresco Chalk Acrylics: Buff, Slate,Venice Blue, Chalk 
Extras: dried Clematis, scrap handmade paper


This project started life, months ago, then it didn't seem to want to move forwards.
Initially it was prepared with Frescos and Crackle Glaze along with Flat Matte Sprays in Blackberry and Raspberry.  That was as far as I got until the other week, when I decided I would take the gamble of adding more layers to see if I could finally move forwards.

Again, I have to apologise for the photos. If wanting to show any steps, I have to take photos there and then before moving onto preparing another layer to leave it to dry overnight. At the very least, you might get the idea of the colours previously and the layer of walnut ink.

Once this was dry, the That's Crafty! paints were applied and then more of the walnut ink.
Selecting the windswept tree from The Language of Trees Set 2, the tree was stamped directly onto the larger ATB, only onto three sides.

Find yourself amongst the trees, stamped onto handmade paper,

cut into word tiles and adhered to the face which has no tree stamped onto it.
Actually, before I adhered the stamped words, I embellished the side of that particular face with a stem from a dried Clematis.  The Multi-Purpose Crafty Adhesive will dry clear!  This is only a step photo.

With the stamped words.

Words from Sets 1 and 2, stamped onto the same handmade paper, tearing around the images before adhering a single word onto each face of the smaller ATB.

With the corresponding word, stamping repeatedly onto the smaller ATB, allowing the word to fade.



Thank You for visiting and for your kind support for the new stamps.


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